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Stealth detection items nerfed {WoW}

May 14th 2009 8:53PM All blizzard have done here is remove options and choice. Nothing more. Their premise on "helping" characters not have to use lower level items is silly. You CHOOSE to use them. If they were worse, you would CHOOSE not to.

As a side benefit they are buffing rogues in certain situations (who did not need it) and nerfing an already pointless profession and replacing it with nothing.

This is not QQ. This is just what they have done. I was not wearing the helm.

Confirmed: Kotaku reporting that Blizzard has hired PopCap VP {WoW}

May 12th 2009 9:04PM Or perhaps they are moving in the mobile market?

After all..they just started nuking Iphone apps?

Not sure this is really WOW news per se. I doubt they have hired him to manage their new free wow addon game.

WoWMatrix responds to Curse and WoW Interface {WoW}

May 7th 2009 5:37PM Hog. That is an epic fail of swiniferous proportions.

The tactic you have used and continue to try and used is a very common fallacy called "straw man".

You have misinterpreted what I have said, most likely on purpose, and then attacked this misrepresentation. Obviously attacking this complete misrepresentation is far easier than attacking what I actually said and hence why this tactic is so popular among politicians and other PR people.

Interestingly you attack a flippant comment that really did not say anything . In fact the whole purpose of it was to be vague and not accusational!? The fact that you personally don't find it funny and have gone on some sort of bloody crusade of the implication really holds no weight.
Give me any utterance that any human bean has made in the last 10,000 years and I will find some person who takes offence at some perceived nuance of the statement. That does not make the statement any more true or false.

I will therefore assume that you simply agree with the rest of my post 100% if that is the best you can do. I have not changed my point of view - you have made a sad attempt at changing it for me which is extremely bad form old chap.

I am not going to bother trying to convince you further since you don't seem to understand what I write and the paragraph you have tried to sully my entire POV with was not actually part of that.

But have a good, long and prosperous life. And chill out seriously dude...

WoWMatrix responds to Curse and WoW Interface {WoW}

May 7th 2009 1:27AM >And? This doesn't mean he has any affiliation with them, and seems contrary to my experience, where persons from WowInterface or Curse are quite open about saying who they are.

Oh for goodness sake, get over yourself man!?
It was a flippant comment and to poke fun at the whole thing and raise the possibility. Taking it this seriously just makes you look silly so please stop it.
My comment even states that "IF I was..." and not "I condemn say post to hell because..."
My example was of a person taking it all to heart far too much so that they sounded as if it was a personal affront to them instead of them just being a customer of it all. And the example was not saying they WERE one, just that IF they were one then they had NOT stated who they were and that would be misleading.
Which brings me back to the fact that I was NOT accusing them of being one or not.

Man, people sometimes just need to chill out.

>So yeah, don't be paranoid. [...] suspicious is ruining any dialog you might have with somebody who resents being impugned.

Thanks for the advice, but you can keep it and place it somewhere safe and warm. :) As I said, IF I was more paranoid, meaning I was not.

Don't try to bully me into your point of view by taking me out of context and then attacking your fabrication of what I meant. I have chuckled merrily at bigger bullies than you, believe me!

WoWMatrix responds to Curse and WoW Interface {WoW}

May 6th 2009 6:32PM @Hoggersbud
Hey there. :)

It is proper posting form to state your affiliation in your post if you are being open about who you are and it might be unclear. I don't know the employees or people from either side by name. If you are saying they are posting under their real names or their avatars, then that is great - but I have no way of knowing that without spending my time looking up lists of employees or forums on other web sites??!

I am not referring to the post AFTER mine, in which it is clear that he is from WM because he uses the personal tense. :)

Tuhljin's post (for example) is not so clear. I have no idea who he is (nor should I), but his response APPEARS to be taking things very personally and is clearly on one side of the fence.

Hence my comment.

WoWMatrix responds to Curse and WoW Interface {WoW}

May 6th 2009 4:11PM If was a more paranoid man I would think curse or wowinterface people were posting here also. :)

It seems like a clear cut case of two businesses fighting it out as is perfectly normal in the real world. The only weird bit is that their little fist fight has spilled out onto the street and everybody is pointing, laughing and shouting opinions.
In the end all that is going to happen is people will get/have got hurt and the world will forget and move on.

They are electrons. They take the shortest path. Whatever is easiest. 99% of them don't pay diddly and wont. Many would pirate the addons if they could. (P2P) Most could not give a toss about the addon devs or their hard work. (until it is gone of course and then they will cry)
However there are a core set of "philanthropists" that WILL donate/pay and DO care. There are also some that would pay if there was a good reason to - currently there is none.
This is the market that this whole thing is about.


Wowmatrix seems to provide the better client as far as most of the public is concerned and it runs well on any of the platforms people care about. They are effectively free also which is important and appears to only care about donations and delivering addons in the quickest and least fuss way possible. (i.e. what the customer wants)
The bad thing is that WM does not seem to care about the addon guys or hosters at all. They can belly ache all they want about it, but the fact remains they were leeching and removing the revenue stream that others were counting on to host/develop their products. It also appears they were rather arrogant and naive on this point as to what could be done to stop them. In this case I call that WM got what you would expect. (NB: I am not using the word "deserve" on purposed - that has no meaning in business! :) )


The curse client has, in the past, lost out to WM in all respects. I am using their current client (on Win) and to be honest I can't see anything wrong with it. It works for me and is prettier than WM. I know Mac users are getting it rough.

However the main difference with curse is that everything they do and say screams the fact that they are a slavering dog just chaffing at the bit to create a situation where I am forced to give them money for hosting other people's hard work. I am sure they pay them a "cut" and, like always, I am sure this cut is unfairly small since they, like the RIAA/MPAA, control the supply chain. (for now, anyway since WM has been hamstrung)
Currently they are "coercive" in that they are restricting bandwidth and features so forth to unpaying customers and I personally have no problem with this.

I doubt if they actually manage to ruin WM that it will continue like this. They "cunningly" used the 3.1 patch to lauch their client/premium service and attack WM.
One expects that they would continue in this vein once WM was gone.
I don't think they are "evil" as this is just business. But in the spirit of the free market I would warn against allowing curse to become a monopoly of any sort. They tend to be ugly, expensive and ultimately terrible for consumers.

WOW has "laid down the law" (or tried to) on this and made it clear that they want addons to be totally non-commerical ventures - even donation buttons are out. As much as this is a threat to curse it could also be a massive win if they are smart enough.
Many addon devs will be throwing up their hands and go GPL as they are forced to open their source (whether they like it or not).
However Curse's revenue sharing could now become the main or even ONLY way for addon devs to spin some cash for all their hard work. They could even allow the devs to put a donation button on things to boot. :)

This would attrach addon devs like flys I would imagine and simultaneously block out WM as they have a very good reason NOT to go GPL/etc and allow anyone to host their work.

Hey, it is what I would do if I was stupid enough to try and make this a business. :)

Ready Check: Is Ulduar too easy? {WoW}

Apr 26th 2009 9:43PM While I am in total agrees with the "ulduar is fine" sentiment, just a note about Algalon.

You get 1 hr a week to attempt him after you clear all bosses on hard mode.

This was obviously a more marketing strat precisely for the reason that someone gave above - as long as Algalon is still unbeaten people will reason that the rest of ulduar is likewise ok.

This is simply false. Algalon is "artificially" hard to beat because you cannot spend 8-9 hours learning and testing like you can on the other bosses. End of story.

A nice marketing ploy by wow and not one I necessarily disagree with personally, but it is not sensible to use HIS downing to say the rest of ulduar is ok or not. He has been made "harder" because no one can spend time on him rather than he being super hard. (which he is AS WELL, but we are talking top tier guilds here)

We have no idea if those hard mode completers would have nailed him if that artificial restriction were not there.

But again: I think ulduar is awesome sauce overall anyways.

WoW Rookie: Patch madness {WoW}

Apr 16th 2009 12:53AM Given the fact that time slips through our mortal fingers so quickly, I assume that amount is ever decreasing.

This Emoo comment was brought to you by the number 666 and the colour black.

Equipment Manager will not be in 3.1 {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2009 6:54PM @billdoor
Thanks for the info, I guessed there was a show stoppper.

I mainly meant that of all the buggy things in 3.1, this must have been totally poked beyond all sense for it not to make it.

Also that their tolerance for buggy things is quite high. (the cynical part)

Equipment Manager will not be in 3.1 {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2009 3:22PM Sorry to be cynical but...

How broken ass'd must the equipment manager be for it to be pulled from 3.1?? ;)