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Around Azeroth: Mean green machine {WoW}

Jan 7th 2011 2:58PM Is that pronounced "Jobe"?

The Queue: Tank talk {WoW}

May 5th 2009 3:35PM /endlittlecriticism

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The Queue: Tank talk {WoW}

May 5th 2009 3:34PM their

The Azeroth Ethicist: Special I.W.I.N. edition, part 2 {WoW}

May 5th 2009 3:22PM I would have used it on the Time Lost Drake

The Azeroth Ethicist: Special I.W.I.N. edition, part 2 {WoW}

May 5th 2009 3:20PM I guess I have a little problem with the idea that their fun somehow destroys others' fun. The only way that's true is if your only real fun comes from getting achievements before others, which to me is a little sad.

Children's Week ruins Battlegrounds {WoW}

May 2nd 2009 6:39PM I'm not really concerned. PVP has ruined *my* gameplay for years, so I hardly feel bad about one week in return.

Officers' Quarters: Ball and chain {WoW}

Apr 27th 2009 6:01PM WTB shoelances!!!!

Maybe then I could win a joust.

Great guild traditions and where they come from {WoW}

Apr 23rd 2009 8:54AM Any time one of our guild members gets a mount for the first time, we all ride naked into Ironforge, wearing only a hat. Prize for who gets the farthest.

The Daily Grind: Your favorite MMO pop culture reference? {Massively}

Mar 10th 2009 10:38AM I love all the pop references, but when the goblin engineer trainer in Warsong Hold started giving a parody of the speech from Glengarry Glen Ross, I L'd my freakin' AO.

"A. B. C. A-Always. B-Be. C-Crafting. Always be crafting. Always be crafting!"

[UPDATED] Patch 3.1 PTR build 9658 Warlock changes {WoW}

Mar 6th 2009 6:08PM Still gonna cost a shard and 10 seconds to replace once it's gone.

They need to make either the Infernal and Doomguard refund a shard when they despawn, or better, insta-summon the minion you had when you summoned them. Then they'd be real cooldowns you can use all the time.