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Guild transfer service coming soon {WoW}

Mar 27th 2011 10:37AM The playerbase is in decline. So how does Blizzard reward their most loyal customers? Gouge them harder - make what was formerly free, now a paid service!

Paid guild services also make clear the real danger of paid services - that Blizzard now has a monetary incentive to NOT fix problems with the game. Why fix serious problems with realm population and faction balance when you can charge customers more to work through those problems?

Guild xfer services will also have a snowball effect on WoW's decline, and here's why:
1. "We've decided to xfer the guild. Everyone needs to be on the new realm in a week."
2. 10% of the guild, say, five players, say, "Eff that, I'm not paying $25, and I have buddies on this realm. But without my formerly guild I don't have a reason to play, so I quit."
3. Guild arrives on new realm. Tries to recruit. They recruit some new people, with no connection to the guild; some are loyal, some are not; some members are welcoming, some are offish. Guild members don't like the changes and miss their former friends and community. More quit.
4. Mass recruitment and revolving-door syndrome.
5. Gdisband.

Make no mistake, we WILL see this story play out time and again. And it WILL snowball...and the decline will accelerate...and Blizzard will respond with creative new ways to further drain a depleted playerbase.

What Blizzard needs to do, they've needed to do for some time, is consolidate realms so that server communities can be sufficiently broad and vibrant to retain players and rebuild.

But why solve a problem...when you can make money off NOT solving it?

Holy Paladin goggles added in patch 3.0.8 {WoW}

Jan 13th 2009 8:38AM @ Zappo, are you the warlock that used to play on Dalvengyr? If so, hi, good to see you again!

On topic:

A healer that gets aggro from healing, is healing a bad tank (excepting casting large heals immediately upon engaging mobs).

Only effective heals generate threat; overhealing does not generate threat beyond the marginal threat of the cast itself, nor does a critical heal have additional threat beyond the effective healing done.

Crit is a necessary stat for both paladins, to be able to spam Holy Light more efficiently (which is necessary for serious, heal-intensive content). Divine Plea made mp/5 an obsolete mana regeneration stat, and its scaling is too poor to make it worthwhile.

These goggles are quite good, and I myself will be using them into the forseeable future. They also fit in an engineering bag, which makes them much easier to handle than non-engineering helms; having both engineering and non-engineering helms in Outfitter sets seriously screws up inventory. I am mainspec prot, but respec continuously and have offspec sets comparable to my mainspec gear.