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Breakfast Topic: Inexplicable dislikes {WoW}

Jun 5th 2009 9:34AM I really hate the summoning stone at Naxx.

People ... please get off your mounts and go inside as fast as you can.

Breakfast Topic: Which class are you in real life? {WoW}

Apr 23rd 2009 12:02PM Really enjoying this, it has inspired today's blog post. Check it out!

The math behind random drops and rolls {WoW}

Apr 7th 2009 11:53AM *sore head

Breakfast Topic: A change of pace {WoW}

Apr 1st 2009 8:46AM The thing I find with WOW is the more you play it, the more you want to play it.
If I am forced to take a break for a few days (by that I mean if I amon holiday or having a busy time at work, not that I am physicallypulled away from the screen), I quite often come back and quitehappily don't log on at all for a few more days.

When at last I do log on, just to do a few little things, the nextday I am itching to get back into it all.

Its WOW fever.

Widespread wave of phishing emails reported {WoW}

Mar 31st 2009 11:10AM Its a bit cruel saying that people who get scammed are stupid and deserve it. Not everyone is a computer expert and anyone could have a dizzy moment and make a mistake. there is no harm in reminding us all of the simple safety rules to follow, especially if there is a wave of phishing e-mails making the rounds.

Stay safe everyone.

Spiritual Guidance: Is Greater Heal on Life Support? {WoW}

Jan 26th 2009 8:01AM Hey,
I seem to be with the minority on this one. As a deep holy spec I seem to be using GHeal much more than I did in BC, where FHeal was my spell of choice. Granted, my tank is twitchy because I can't constantly keep them topped off, waiting until they are at 2/3 heath or lower before casting. But using a longer heal gives me a few seconds to assess the health and risks to other party members. FHeal even with the glyph does not seems to be as mana efficient and is also slightly boring to use - its more of an emergency spell under heavy damage to give me a little more time to cast the GHeal.

Also I am mainly doing heroic dungeons and I can see that Fheal will be used more in raids to ensure that my healing counts. I am not interested in the healing meters as they do not show the quality and efficiency of the healing, but its nice to have your heals actually make some difference.

In dungeons GHeal, renew and PoM used on tank along with shields more often than I have ever used them. (Maybe I should consider disc spec!) CoH followed by a well placed FHeal or PoH used for party healing.

The role of today's Priest {WoW}

Jan 15th 2009 10:33AM I think that healing priests are losing their identity. It was my understanding that priests were designed to be the "ultimate" healing class, with the most variety of healing spells but now it seems that the other healing classes have more options on playstyle, their top-end spells and talents are more effective and their specialities make them a more effective choice for a raid, especially in 25man. Priests are becoming the "master of nothing" class. It doesn't help that we are sharing some gear with dps clothies - which only further erodes the unique identity of the class.

I think that a unique new high-level talent or spell could give the class back some identity. As a holy priest I would like to be able to cast a lightwell in Spirit of Redemption form that persists beyond death of the priest until the normal charges are used up, letting me give the raid a chance to survive a wipe even though my squishy self has died.

Some more imaginative glyphs might be a nice way to bring some identity back.

I also agree that poison removing would be a nice addition, priests should be the only class able to cure all ills - as most people assume we can do this anyway and blame us when their poisons are not removed. And in 5 man the person who can cure poisons is normally too busy trying to top the damage meter (moan moan)

On the CoH issue, I agree that a 6 second cool down is an unimaginative way of curing the spamming issue. For me the joy of that spell has always been situational and tactical. I do not mind a nerf, but a six second cool down really limits the tactical usefulness.

I love being a priest because of the challenge of choosing the right spell for the right occassion, but if no-one wants me in their raid because I have no unique role then some slight tweaks are needed.

Breakfast Topic: What's in a name? {WoW}

Jan 13th 2009 12:02PM I think Robiness is a great name, stick with it

Although I did read it as Robi - ness (as in someone who wears lots of robes) rather than Robin-ess (female character of robin)

Silly me :)