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Breakfast Topic: Gender bender {WoW}

Feb 7th 2009 12:26PM Maybe I am just insane...

Wait I know I am and formed a guild around being "weird", that's besides the point.

Yes, gender bending can be an odd thing. Although I am finally happy to see it called what it is.

Too long have men controlled female toons and hid behind the excuse, "I am paying to play, I wanna stare at something hot!"

We know the truth!

They may be fugly, but I have never had so good a time since I rolled my druid and when doing so made him male. Maybe it's the great group of guildies I have, but it's great having the big butch dude with a name like "Kitteh" all the while having the nickname of, "real boobs" amongst the guild.

Have fun with your gender, do what you only dream of doing IRL Again guys, we know why you REALLY rolled female toons.

A look at the stated Priest changes for patch 3.1 {WoW}

Feb 5th 2009 11:25AM What I meant to say was....

Healing entire Heroics with single Lb's, maybe a Rejuv (If certain Mages I know don't control their pew-pew), Regrowth, on occasion. Come on now, you get the idea...

My priest I was "Old School" with, holy for 62 lvls, even leveled Holy. Ahh, the olden days when some healers would only rotate in to MT heal on occasion, and even a lot of the time depend on the kindness of Rogues and Hunters to bandage them to save mana.

Oh the lovely things Blizz has visited upon us!

A look at the stated Priest changes for patch 3.1 {WoW}

Feb 5th 2009 11:18AM I am sitting here smiling so big!

For the past few weeks several long time gamer friends and I have been going over the past games we've played, with special focus on how healing builds work in other games.

I've always been made to mention a certain "bubble" defender I had in CoX. And how it was always a PITA to explain to groups, "If your party is not taking damage, you do not need huge heals."

While clearly these changes are not entirely bringing that type of "spec" to WoW, I think it is an amazing twist to bring to the healing game. I'll never say it is the best way to heal, but being able to mitigate damage as opposed to Single Target heal (Pali) or "Set it and Forget it) heals (Druid) sure seems to add a twist.

I am all for making each "healing" type of class diverse, in the long run anything to make the tedium less, is a plus.

Even though I am not "Forlorn Legacy" geared, (I play on Windrunner) healing almost entire heroics with nothing more then single stacks of LB, the occasional LB, and bosses with a Regrowth, does get tiresome. Oh wait, I forgot telling people to just group up so my druid can heal group with Wild Growth. Yeah, healing is just so....very exciting.

Shifting Perspectives: Gearing your Restoration Druid at 80 pt 3 {WoW}

Jan 13th 2009 2:10PM TBH I leveled out there still in my previous Resto spec and really did not have any issues.

Takes a little practice remembering Nature's Grasp (If you have it) and things like that, but I in no way had flash backs of when I was soloing Pre-BC on a Holy Priest =D

Shifting Perspectives: Gearing your Restoration Druid at 80 pt 3 {WoW}

Jan 13th 2009 2:05PM I have to be missing something, I see that Unrequited Love mace mentioned by many. But I look at it, and apparently am missing something.

+40 Int ... ok cool

More Spl Pwr+ alright know how that works....

But that's it, no +Spirit or anything else for that matter that smacks of DRUID!

So why is this item so tasty?