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BeejiveIM for Android giveaway {Download Squad}

Nov 12th 2010 12:50PM I need BEEJIVE

iPhone OS 4 Secrets: Some early glitches reported by devs {}

Apr 9th 2010 10:44AM Running 4.0 and it's been pretty stable. The biggest issues I have encountered is that it doesn't keep the settings for "Require Passcode" no matter what value I set it to, it just reverts back to "After 1 min." so I have to enter my passcode pretty much every time I use the phone.

WoW Insider interview: You Play or We Pay founders {WoW}

Jan 16th 2009 9:44AM This is NOT the same as insurance...

If I have car/health/home insurance then they are returning money to me to pay to repair my injury, car, or home...

This is just giving people money and taking a gamble on the fact that you might get paid back at a ratio of 1:1.75...Just like going to a casino and playing cards/craps.

WoW Insider interview: You Play or We Pay founders {WoW}

Jan 16th 2009 9:12AM So essentially...its just gambling..from a user's perspective, the only reason you would do this is to hope that Blizz has a bad month and you make some money off of what a stupid idea....