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Recent Comments: reviews Richard A. Knaak's Stormrage {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2010 6:14PM Ugh. I really miss the Warcraft III Tyrande and night elves. They might have been pricks sometimes, but at least they did -something-. Now it seems all Tyrande does is stand around in the Temple weeping over Malfurion's absence, and the night elves themselves don't make any progress at all.

WoW Moviewatch: Eternity's End {WoW}

Jul 27th 2009 4:32PM Loved it! I think he is doing a wonderful job. Its nice to see the scenes of Warcraft III done in WoW style, and its a huge plus that he uses the actual character models. I really hope that Deathmatic continues to work on this.

Know Your Lore: A second look at Maiev Shadowsong {WoW}

Jul 16th 2009 1:06PM Tyrande essentially is the law in night elven government, and Malfurion certainly isn't her "superior." He had been asleep for a majority of those 10,000 years, while Tyrande had to lead her people alone. He wakes up and starts trying to order her about. I'd be pretty miffed too.

As for her killing the Watchers...
What happens when one not only disobey the leader of a government, but gets in their way, especially during a time of war? They'd be swiftly apprehended. And what happens when they meet said leader with force? They'd most likely be met with force in turn.

She was trying to free Illidan, the greatest Demon Hunter. The big enemy at that point was the Scourge and the Burning Legion - undead and demons, respectively. A big risk, perhaps, considering his previous actions. But after 10,000 years of imprisonment, maybe she thought he deserved a second chance (whether he made good on that is questionable, but I digress...). Add in that he was Tyrande's childhood friend, and maybe you can see where she thought he might would help.

I think Maiev had a chip on her shoulder, not only from Tyrande being favored over her as High Priestess, but also because of Malfurion's affection for her.

But does any of this really matter? Who leads the night elven people now? And who went off to Outland after Illidan in a warped sense of justice?

The Queue: Archdruids? Nahh. Okay, maybe. {WoW}

Jan 17th 2009 6:39PM What about gender-specific classes? Would that be going too far? I imagine it would...


Use a gender-neutral word? Acolyte, champion, defender, hierophant, etc. "Champion of Elune?"

It might be too race-specific, but then again only night elves and tauren can be druids. Maybe both Horde and Alliance will receive their own Hero class.

I still think it has potential to be a dps/healer class, since many think thats what the next Hero class will be. Using bows, starfire, and perhaps healing a percentage of the damage they deal. Mounted combat, even.

Then again, its probably just wishful thinking on my part. Having played a nelf priest since coming to WoW, I don't find the priest class very similar to the Priestess of the Moon units in WC III. I can always hope, at least. /shrug

The Queue: Archdruids? Nahh. Okay, maybe. {WoW}

Jan 16th 2009 6:08PM Perhaps, though I suppose any new class that is introduced will do so to a point. As for being female only, the order could have changed. Actually, I think the lore says it has started accepting male priests.

The Queue: Archdruids? Nahh. Okay, maybe. {WoW}

Jan 16th 2009 5:09PM I'm hoping for a Priestess of the Moon hero class. It could serve well as a dps/healer. Archdruid... I see it as stepping on the toes of the druid class too much, and more of a title.