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Gold Capped: GDKP raiding for fun and profit {WoW}

Jun 15th 2010 3:12AM :S I didn't say it supports gold selling. I said I worry that it supports gold selling and that I wanted to hear some numbers like what Cthulu points out. I agree that in the grand scheme of things 17k is not >that< much gold. But it does seem like it is for one item for one character. (I think there are 19 slots to fill up with gear?) And, I'm not arguing that it's still not worth it for some people and I appreciate a concerted savings plan for it.

(sorry, I'm old-fashioned. I get my epics by fighting for them and then spend my money on goofy stuff like gems. mammoths and the occasional Battered Hilt.)

17k is comparable to something like the Traveller's Tundra Mount, or the Chopper. There are plenty of those things running around, but you get the sense still that not everybody has one. And ultimately, if somebody were buying gold for those items, it is reprehensible, but does not disturb any balance of the game really. So, I think that is a different sort of situation.

Haha. This is a whole different topic, but I have been trying to figure out a way to express a "Gear to Nub ratio". You know what I'm talking about: the player wearing fantastic gear who barely knows what they are doing. There are lotsa reasons why a player might have a large gear to nub ratio. GDKP seems to be a way to add to that as well.

The goldsellers/hackers are the big bad guys here, and people must take responsibility for their accounts. (People not putting an authenticator on their accts is starting to be a lot like leaving your keys in the car. They are both still victims, but c'mon! Have some sense!) But gold selling is a lucrative business only because there are people buying the gold. If that demand for elicit gold dried up, we would see a reduction in the amount of hacking. Gold buyers are as responsible for this problem in the same way that people looking for ivory are responsible for the illegal poaching of elephants (to put it to a RL paralell)

If somebody buys gold, they are basically asking that company to go out and steal it for them. It's just that simple. The days of the irritating-but-more-morally-ambiguous gold farmers are over. If you buy some gold and three people you know get hacked that week, it's on you. Don't pretend otherwise or blame them for being victimized.

But, back on the GDKP thing: There is surely nothing against this kind of run and I agree that it creates new opportunities for gearing chars. New Opportunities = Good! Aaaand, I wouldn't argue against the point of this article, that there are money making opportunities in this as well. I appreciate Cthulu's point of view that there are legitimate ways to make this system work for everybody involved.

But I >WORRY< (not state unequivocally) that it might also be contributing to an overall decline in the quality of the game. GDKP has grown quite popular in the past few months and, to my perception, there has been more hacking than ever during this time as well. I don't know that they are directly related. I dunno how one would prove it one way or another. But I think it would be sticking our heads in the sand to not examine this relationship of GDKP to some of the problems we see in WoW today.

Gold Capped: GDKP raiding for fun and profit {WoW}

Jun 14th 2010 11:53PM I have no proof, really, that things are not right, but GDKP runs have me seriously worried about gold selling. On my server, there have been reports of items in GDKP selling for as much as 17k gold. And... just... where can anybody get that kind of disposable cash? Even the AH Barons would not be interested in dropping that kind of money on one epic.

Can somebody put my mind at ease about this sorta thing? I probably don't need to go into the evils of buying gold and I just can't come up with sustainable GDKP runs being funded without it.

I hope there is something I'm missing ...

Breakfast Topic: Dealing with unpleasant players {WoW}

Jun 8th 2010 9:50AM The "mean" players are a real dilemma. I worry about this a lot, which probably just goes to show what a neurotic player I am.

But also, I would love to bring my nephew and nieces to Azeroth some day (we live half a world away, literally, and being able to play together in virtual world is very appealing to me) but I can't yet reconcile how I would be able to protect them from the foul behavior of many people I meet here.

Sometimes I just want to ignore any problem. Keep my head down and get it all over with as fast as possible.

If a genuinely new player is copping abuse, I won't stand for it. Believe it or not, there are people who are still gearing their main characters for the first time and they haven't run Utgaarde Pinnacle 1,000 times. This is not their fault and I won't let them leave a group like that thinking that all the World of Warcraft is made up of nasty people.

Very often a reference to a mean person's e-peen is the withering remark you can use to shut them up. As in "Boys, I know that your e-peens are really huge, but please put them away. They look tiny compared to your fat heads" I swear this does the job just about every time.

When abuse comes my way... it's all very situational. Sometimes, I politely ask for whatever is being done/said to stop, and if it doesn't then I sit down and will not participate with the group any longer. I won't leave group either, but I apologize to whoever is not involved, by name, and say that I won't submit to bullying.

Sometimes I use leverage. For example, tank to the midway point of the ice tunnel Rimefang is caving in, in Pit of Saron. Defeat the large elemental there, but rather than proceed, take a moment to explain what you don't like about somebody's comments and suggested they apologize or else we can wait there, dodging cave-ins.

But really. This is a serious problem. I know this is a game and that one should just relax, abuse is abuse and good people ought not have to tolerate that.

Totem Talk: Prelude to restoration's new talents {WoW}

May 11th 2010 10:15PM I gotta go with some dislike for these two new talents. They are very PvP in general, and rather unwieldy in most PvE situations I can think of.

A 10% damage reduction for Ancestral Resolve is pretty inconsequential to the AoE fights that are currently happening. With lots of boss ticks pulling 6-8k damage per second, I don't think that two points or however many in this talent are really going to save any PvE shamans.

I know too that the talent trees are being slimmed down so that there will be more choices for what talents one would like to take. But right now, I would see the words "damage reduction" and just pass in favor of another talent that would boost my roll in raid. The, um, tank is present to provide "damage reduction" for a healing shaman. If he's not doing his job, then 10% isn't going to save me.

Same for Focused Insight. I agree with the author that there is potential for use here in terms of building up more powerful heals, but practically, how is that going to work? I can think of a few ways to macro it in so that it shocks the target of my target, perhaps. But, I'm not sure that keeping up with my shock cooldown and my riptide cooldown is much to look forward too. (and heaven help me if I'm trying to manage my wind shock CD too). Finally, with Blizzard promising that "healers are going to have to watch their mana more carefully," mandating a cast into the rotation that does not support my main raid roll doesn't seem very helpful. Somebody else up there in the comments said it pretty well, it doesn't make sense to save mana by burning mana on something else.

I guess that this one is going to be a bit more wait and see. But yeah, I have to agree with the skeptics: these talents look like something to encourage me to go to the Arena not to make my raid healing better. Guest Post: From manners to mechanics: Five tips for DPS in heroics {WoW}

Feb 10th 2010 9:02PM I gotta say I gave up on my warrior tank alt. I kept trying to get at the badges I needed for some better gear, but... it all just got so unpleasant.

My last time tanking was in Violet Hold, the three dps and the healer were all from the same guild on another server and were all dressed in ICC gear, while I'm standing there with my blue shield and King Ymiron's Red Sword of Courage. I said at the beginning "You guys outgear me by a lot, so could you please give me a few seconds before you start dps?" There was no answer. Three waves of mobs come out and three times, I can't keep aggro on anything against these guys, so I say it again, "Please give me some more time to establish aggro." Finally, one of them goes "Lol, I don't think we need you."

So, I gave up right there. Went over by the entrance and sat down. These guys kept pulling waves, and they really didn't need me so I didn't bother. As the last boss was getting closer they started kinda taunting me "Why can't you come over here and at least pretend to dps?" "'Cause I came here to tank. I asked for the space to do that, and you guys laughed at it, so shut up now because I'm watching a "Lost" rerun on TV."

I've had a mixed mind about dealing with trolls recently. So many are unpleasant and there have been a lot of really awful runs listening to somebody spout off the whole way. You can quit the group, and I have, but it struck me that the trolls win if you do that. Their combativeness has triumphed at ruining your good time (and defeated your chance to get a few badges). So now, I prefer to stay in the group, in the instance, and just go afk if the abuse gets too thick. They can't kick you until after 15 minutes and if I feel the need to reply to anything, I just say the truth. The only problem I sense with this is that there may be other, perfectly nice people caught in between you and the trolls, and I haven't reconciled that yet. It just seems to me that good players and good people should fight back sometimes against all the foul behavior we see in these instances.

This was my Baby 80 Alt, who yeah... wasn't going to do much more than maybe help out my friends in the future, (and help me learn more of what the tank is doing when I'm on my main), but I used to have fun with that character.

I'm sure there are a lot of people who say I should just suck it up, but I go to work every day and suck it up. I play WoW because it generally makes me happy. If playing the game isn't fun, then I can just skip it.

Think about that the next time somebody complains about waiting a long time for a tank.

The Queue: The Duke swings the Nutcracker {WoW}

Dec 22nd 2009 2:53AM Lore Question: Way back before the sundering, was Northrend a part of the greater continent of "Kalimdor" or was it more or less always where it is now? I know it doesn't really pay to look too closely at these things, but I wonder about that elevated Titan road leading off south to nowhere and things like that.

The Queue: The grand melee {WoW}

Dec 19th 2009 6:47AM I have always wanted to put the surname "McWinklestein" onto a dwarf char. Then I would have Drinky McWinklestein :D

The Queue: The grand melee {WoW}

Dec 19th 2009 6:44AM I was in a random dungeon today and we had to bring in a new tank. We went to the finder, and less than a minute later, a new tank joined our group. We were all "Hey! Thanks for coming" and being a lil chatty until a few mins later it dawned on us that the tank hadn't actually said anything. So we ask, and ask and realize that nobody's home there. Maybe he DC'd and we were looking at a ghost in the party, or else he was just AFK. So, we tried to "Vote to Kick" but kept getting a message "You can't kick this player yet." No option to vote, and the same thing happened to all four of us. Eventually we had to disband because the whole run was in limbo. What's with the "You can't kick this player yet" messaage? I never knew there were conditions on that feature.

Why you don't have freedom of speech in WoW {WoW}

Dec 15th 2009 1:52AM Yikes. Suddenly, everybody is a constitutional law scholar?

Let's take a step back and really get to the heart of the matter.

Free speech as a concept of a human right is as much a responsibility as it is a right. You can anything you basically want, however, your speech should

1) always be the truth
2) not be phrased in a way to provoke unreasonable violence
3) not be phrased in a way that it causes unnecessary harm (physical, mental or emotional) to the person it is addressed to.

The most important part of free speech, really, is the truth. That is why we make such a big deal of it in the U.S. Free speech is meant to let the truth shine out in the light of day, showing the corruptions of government, the injustice of a society, and things like that. In some opinions, speech that does not serve this purpose is hardly worth protecting. (which, in the end, is probably part of the reason Blizzard doesn't just litigate its way through the forum boards in the first place)

A lot of people are going on here that, well, they can say whatever the like, however they like, they just have to be prepared to accept the consequences. This is a little like saying they can beat up people in the street whenever they like however they like, they just have to be prepared to accept the consequences of that as well.

I think we can all agree that is sorta not the way it is supposed to work. Whether by fists or by abusive language, these sorts of actions (and posting on a forum is an action) are an intent to cause harm.

The fundamental human right of freedom of speech is not meant to protect your right to use abusive language against the people at Blizzard,, me, or anybody else in this world. It is so that when you are truly oppressed, in a way that is truly important, you have the right to speak the truth in your defense.

And a quick word about opinions:

Opinion is not the truth. This is a big problem in modern culture today when we have all these self appointed experts going on TV to talk about anything from presidental politics to weight loss... we see all these people and their TV spew becomes our new truth.

Opinions do, sometimes, have value, when they are constructive, helpful, and based on an understanding of what is being talked about (i.e. research, or a unique point of view on a problem).

This is why the Blizzard WoW forums exist: to collect those constructive opinions.

The main problem is that on almost every level of conversation-- on TV, the radios, the opinion pages of the newspaper, all over the Internet-- people have abandoned this constructive opinion in favor of entertaining opinion.

Leave the entertaining to the TV and if you want to be a helpful force in the development of WoW, then make your opinion build something up, not tear something else down.

Why you don't have freedom of speech in WoW {WoW}

Dec 14th 2009 8:19PM Silly person!

What you are saying is that there is no jurisdiction in "Cyberspace" and if you think that your online activities are unpunishable, just keep pushing that envelope til they find a jurisdiction that will happily do the case. It might be your hometown, it might be where your ISP is. I dunno. But with the way that groups like the RIAA goes after music pirates, and even the Swedish government apparently rewrote some laws to take down The Pirate Bay, please don't think you can get away with something just because it's not in "meat space"