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Spiritual Guidance: Reacting to the Circle of Nerfing {WoW}

Jan 17th 2009 4:44PM It's interesting, I''ve always been a 20/41 priest in BC, and now 21/40 in LK. I'm the most powerful healer in my guild by far, and over 75% of my healing on every fight comes from PoM and G heal, CoH is a situational spell, it's not very strong, if you had 10 priests spamming CoH on the main tank for patchwerk, your tank would die.

I can recall a lot of times where I've seen priests spamming CoH and nothing else though, even for the tiniest bit of damage done by trash, instead of putting on a renew and laying back to enjoy the mana returns from not casting.

All in all, I'm very happy this nerf is comming, I'm a holy priest, and I top the meters and I NEVER get an innervate. It's always the other one or two priests, that low on the meter spamming CoH.

What's funnier is that they don't even look to see if there are Druid HoT's on players taking minimal damage, they just spam CoH to steal their heals. I comment on vent a lot about it, they just don't care.

Here's my healing cycle for 90% of the boss fights.

PoM, G heal, renew, inner focus + gheal, PoM. At level 80 and with 16k mana, you're over 98% mana with that rotation already. Not bad, two PoMs, two G heals, and a renew at 2010 spellpower, that's over (2)(6 PoM jumps tier bonus)(3k) + (5)(2.1k on renew, no renew glyph) + 9k(2) on g heals. So how much healing with only 2% of my mana, 36k+ 10k +18k, 64k healing overall? wow and with ~20% crit chance (moonkin buff) close, 80-90k healing with 2% of my mana right at the start of fight.

That's certainly beats spamming CoH anyday and it always has.

I'm so happy you f*c*tard priests are taking this nerf, maybe I won't even have to roll of priest gear against you anymore, because you'll get g kicked.

Thank You for your time!