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Breakfast Topic: I don't like the word 'toon' {WoW}

Mar 30th 2012 4:26PM I dont know what i call them. But i dont call them toons. and i hate it when people do, especially in reference to my characters. Anything that could remotely link my cool characters to Goofy, and daffy duck needs to die in fire.

I type characters. because it takes a millisecond longer to type, and lets me retain my respect for WoW characters. SOme people suck at typing (and there is nothing wrong with that) so i can understand the shortening so i dont say anything.

Wouldn't this be cool? The dark trolls and the underworld {WoW}

Feb 24th 2012 4:50AM Trolls are THE original race. No, Pandaren and Tauren arent as old as them. Trolls have been around for over 15,000 years. LONG after the Titans creatures fell into corruption, over 5 thousand years before the night elves existed (when they existed the Tauren where just outskirt tribes one the edge of their society) the trolls had an entire Empire ALL over the continent.

They are everywhere, because they where everywhere. And with their great society crumbled they havent lost their homes but have fallen back to their old ways. And those ways are tribal.

And what exactly is overused about troll culture? THe masks? Thats the only common thing i can think. They are hardly the only ones worshiping nature spirits, or wearing barbarian cloths.

Q&A with your roleplaying questions {WoW}

Feb 19th 2012 2:24AM I think the issue with this is the confusion between cant and arent.

Blood elves CAN be druids, EVERYONE can be druids. Mechagnomes can probably be druids (that chick in Ulduar is a construct yet has nature powers).

And there is no necessary lore rewrite to make it so they can be, the issue is that they arent druids.

First of all, there is the issue that Druids are a learned practice. Anyone can use nature magic, anyone can channel power if it exists. However, Druids learn from a specific person how to use that nature in certain ways. How to enter the emerald dream. Its just like a paladin. Anyone can use the holy light, anyone can fight with a sword. But for the past few decades Paladins have been a special Class in the Caste system. A special people with certain education and training and part of an organization. However the FIRST paladins where just warriors who learned the holy light (Uther) or priests that learned how to fight ( i believe Tirion). This is established in Cycle of Hatred. And with RECENT paladins (blood knights) its proved you can be a paladin without any of the faith or reasoning behind it. all you need is a sword and the holy light (and armor i guess).

The reasoning behind race class combos is not "there are none of those" but rather "there arent enough of those to warrant it being playable". I believe this was commented on way back in lich king when we saw the argent crusade, pretty much all races in it, and wondering if they where paladins. It might have been before the massive involvement of blizzard answering questions, so maybe the answer was unofficial. But orcs, gnomes, forsaken can be paladins too (I forget the name of him, but a certain undead member of the Crusade would back me up).

Indeed any troll casters we saw in the field where usually casting either lighting bolt...ooooor shadowbolt. They where either shaman or warlocks. Trolls COULD be warlocks all along. but The Horde doesnt have trolls. It has DARKSPEAR trolls. Those specific and rare trolls COULD be warlocks, but they didnt choose that. However now that they have cloistered themselves off they have gone back to their old ways. Voodoo and dealing with darkspirits. I.E. Warlock (and shadow priest, look it up). Now they are warlocks. There where always BLood elf warriors, but years ago, if you where going to fight you wanted to be sneaky(rogue) or if you wanted to wear heavy armor why not sign up to be a blood knight? there was no reason for it. Gnomes never had a reason to use the light until their dwarf friends showed how useful it is and they found out there is a god(s) and they literally created them. orcs COULD be mages, but most either saw Fel energy as the best source of power, or shamanism as the only good source of power, after years of dealing with mages that dont eat souls they where like "hey we can cast magic without it being evil"

This all applies to druids as well. They can be druids, if someone taught them (all it took was 2 highborne in darnassus to teach night elves how to be mages again). They can be druids but they dont go down that path. Swordsmanship, stealth, The Light, and magical power. These are the values of Blood elves. The only reverence of nature we see in blood elves is in their rangers, and that mostly stems from their rangers living in it, and a general elf love of beauty. Yes i do realize blood elves revere nature a little more than that. but that is not the point.

There is no one to teach them. and there is no reason for a young blood elf to think "i want to be a druid when i grow up"

I write about dragons on the internet, Dad {WoW}

Feb 13th 2012 6:08PM i think you should read the book "Sh*t My Dad Says" (thats the real spelling). Its a book i picked up in an airport store. loved it. Basically Thing real person gets a writing job (via the internet) and moves back in with his parents (exact reasons i forget). He got in the habit of tweeting all the crazy stuff his grumpy, insightful, and stubborn dad would say, and got lots of followers. (you can probably find it right now). SOmeone found this and loved it and asked him to write a book. So he and his family got together and tried to remember all crazy stuff throughout the years.

Anyways, i say this because your short description reminds me of him. Hard working, understanding, Might not "get it" but accepts it.

Only alot less vulgar

The Queue: Being a nothlit is cheating {WoW}

Jan 2nd 2012 4:24PM Tobias is my favorite but Cassie is clearly the best.

They would always turn to her for advice on animals.

She was always moral and ethic support.

When it came down to it she could kill just as well as the others.

And she was the best at morphing. Even better than Ax, who knew the most about it.

And i believe there was at least one occasion in which jake was out of the picture and Cassie had to lead the group.

Simply put it doesnt matter who you liked best, Cassie WAS the best animorph

Know Your Lore: Top 10 lore developments of 2011, part 1 {WoW}

Jan 2nd 2012 2:49AM @Al

So...what? are we suppose to have lead characters who have no way to affect the outcome of the story.

The PLANET! is...EXPLODING! The E-N-T-I-R-E PLANET is going to DIE. It didnt even need to be thrall. someone was going to be forced into that position. Thrall was just the most sensible person for that role since he is possibly the most powerful shaman on the planet and the person with the widest variety in experience. THe reason he was able to think of ideas that others could not.

Its just like the definition of a fake mary sue. its Someone that seems like a Mary Sue until you realize that everything about them fits perfect.

All it is , is people disliking having a character they cynically view as "The evil selfish company who makes this game"'s pet character becoming crucial to the the story hes been a part of for years. Just a buncha hipster knee-jerk reaction to your classes "Chosen Hero" trope.

The Queue: The rum ham mix-up {WoW}

Dec 20th 2011 8:56PM @skarn. It is Arygos that is the other canditate for aspect, but he does have his supporters. There was a second named dragon who supported him, and spoke against the other aspects even after things went south.

So it was more than just him.

Breakfast Topic: Have transmogrification limits stymied your character's look? {WoW}

Dec 18th 2011 3:54PM Im confused. about this blood knight set.....

are yall talking about this?

which looks ugly and i've never seen a Blood knight wear?

or this?
(ok so i liked some of the crusader gear better than other pieces of Inferno Tempered set)

Cus everytime I see my paladin i think of how great it would look on a blood elf paladin.

must be some set i dont know about.

Even the Thorium set would probably make a better blood knight than the Blood Knight set

Cataclysm Post-Mortem: Uldum, page 2 {WoW}

Dec 12th 2011 7:11PM First thing i want to say is...

Whats with this stupid fad everyone has of accusing blizzard of trolling when they encounter something they dont like. Or saying they felt like they where being trolled.

Its a stupid thought.

Second, Why cant yall just accept the existance of a world of warcraft character who is heavily based on another character but ISNT that character. He ISNT indiana Jones. Indiana isnt that reckless or that cocky or incompetent.

From the sounds of it its all a bunch of resenting the moment because you dont want to be pulled into a humorous story based on another story.