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Officers' Quarters: Not peons, but just as lazy {WoW}

Jan 19th 2009 2:54PM I'm having sort of the opposite issue. We're a friends only guild, we don't really have officers, but I'm the main tank and 'raid leader'. There's a DPSer in guild that, while I know his intentions are pure, is not very helpful. He's constantly acting like he knows everything when in fact he seems to know very little (he seems to forget the strats more than anyone, and is constantly asking for refreshers, then getting irritated when other people screw up). He also tries to act like "the leader" at times when it's really not productive to do so. Like when we're doing horsemen and he's calling out how many stacks of the buff he has. Yes we know how many you have, because we have the exact same amount of stacks. Please don't tell us when to move. When I tell him stuff like "Let the tanks coordinate when to switch horsemen" he backs off for a little while, but it never truly stops.

I just don't know what to do. He's a good guy, he's not doing this to be malicious, but it can be awful hard to deal with when you've got a backseat driver talking over everything you say (and, in the process, not fully understanding what you ARE saying).