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Around Azeroth: Sliding Delta {WoW}

May 12th 2010 9:45PM Dat ass.

WoW Insider Show Episode 134: On that genocidal note... {WoW}

Apr 8th 2010 12:22AM I think it's safe to say that we all miss the true kings of WoW Insider Show.

I still miss Turpster.

The Queue: Wherein we are aghast {WoW}

Dec 22nd 2009 7:15PM Nyeh?

Lichborne: Patch 3.3 Roundup for Death Knights {WoW}

Dec 9th 2009 3:26PM Lady Gaga? Really?


Spiritual Guidance: How to critique a priest without making them cry {WoW}

Nov 22nd 2009 10:14PM What if you like making priests cry?

Spiritual Guidance: How to critique a priest without making them cry {WoW}

Nov 22nd 2009 10:13PM What if you enjoy making priests cry?

Breakfast Topic: An ode to the WoW TCG {WoW}

Nov 16th 2009 2:52PM It's the sexiest T5 warrior ever, that's for sure. *whistle* I'd like to sunder her armor.

Patch 3.3 PTR: Deathbringer Saurfang impressions {WoW}

Nov 13th 2009 6:50AM Dreyja just got trolled, hard.

Two Bosses Enter: Gal'darah vs. Loken {WoW}

Nov 12th 2009 4:33PM This is rather obvious. Loken's damage is all about AOE; this is why he's such a group killer, especially with a HPally healing. People are constantly taking damage. This isn't going to do much against Gal'Darah, whose damage, aside from Whirling Slash, is largely single target on a random person - with only one person, Loken's gonna be soaking lots of damage. Arc Lightning is valueless against Gal'Darah, whereas the main danger from Lightning Nova is and always will be it's capability to 1-shot people when added to the pulsing damage - against Gal'Darah, it's not going to be enough. Gal'Darah wins.