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Leave a comment, win fabulous prizes! {WoW}

Mar 30th 2010 9:29AM Gimme dat pony!

The Queue: Bad Wolf {WoW}

Jan 6th 2010 9:54PM I also have become obsessed with Dr. Who in the last month, and I completely agree with your assessment last post about some parts being corny while others are amazing. Love that show. Makes me smile every time I see a DW pic on top of a post.

Pandaren pet "sold out" on Blizzard store [Updated] {WoW}

Nov 11th 2009 10:22AM Ha ha ha props on the Dragonball reference.

WoW Rookie: What's my DPS? {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2009 5:22PM ha haha ahhhh thats a good reference. "This scouter must be malfunctioning!"

Breakfast Topic: Worgen and Goblin dances {WoW}

Sep 30th 2009 9:28AM OMG nailed it. What about goblin ladies though?

World of Warcraft 3.0.8 Patch Notes [Updated] {WoW}

Jan 20th 2009 12:11PM Awww! Savage Cobalt Slicers nerfed! But I like my giant one handed swords that stayed with me from like 74 to 80... no fun. :( I dropped good money on them too.