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Player reaction to the 5-man Trial {WoW}

Aug 7th 2009 6:18AM Yes jousting is lame.
The patch is quite disappointing but didn't we all think it would be? Aside from the epic gems and totem bar I'm far from happy about the changes. Tuesday night we hit up ulduar for our weekly 25 but FL and xt were both bugged so after rough kills we called it for the night. Wed and Thurs most of our backbone raiders were not online which has never happened before, we scraped together a 10 man uld run and were probably the only ones in there. After a few hours we hit up the new 10 man and after running it for a bit most of us became bored and didn't care if we saw what fight was next. Cities and argent grounds full of toons in guilds I've never heard of and no one from a progression guild to be found.
I'm happy that the game is catering to the more casual player but even they will find that they are bored after a few weeks and have bought every item with heroic badges for all their toons. Hopefully 3.3 will bring it all back together.

How the 3.2 Emblems changes will affect the game {WoW}

Jul 3rd 2009 1:56PM How is wow not like baseball Josh? You play to win and get rewarded. You want to be rewarded just for showing up? There are special games for that ;)

How the 3.2 Emblems changes will affect the game {WoW}

Jul 3rd 2009 1:48PM I love how people get on here and bash raiders for having no life. Why don't spend your limited playtime running a 25 man once a week instead of leveling alts and talking about Chuck Norris in trade. WOW is a game like baseball. Raiding is like the major leagues and non raiding is like t-ball. Get the picture?

Patch 3.2 changes the tiered Emblem system {WoW}

Jun 18th 2009 6:37PM Agree pretty much, this is a huge negative to the game, the game is built upon the idea of killing big monsters and getting better loot while running with alot of people, its an mmo. All these achievements, hundreds of pets n crap were added way after wow had millions of subscribers. Why are we catering to casuals now? subs must be heading down or not growing fast enough for activision. Getting uber gear from grinding easy crap holds no candle to the first time you down a raid boss and get something you've been after for a while. If you can only find a few hours a week to play you shouldn't be playing an mmo, go pick up hello kitty island adventure or play bingo. This has the possibility to kill alot of raiding and I'll tell you people don't watch videos of people farming or fishing on youtube. They watch raiders. The game has become far too easy since wrath. Why not just make easy servers for those who like being spoonfed.

The Art of War(craft): Is Wintergrasp too successful for its own good? {WoW}

May 18th 2009 8:17AM I doubt any infrastructure could handle the amount of packets being transmitted in WG. Largest problem I see on my server is that Bliz introduced welfare epics again. Things were going well but now were back to the old day. Wg was fun and they should have introduced more shard rewards to keep Wg populated, not 500 people farming honor. Bliz, try making pvp gear more pvp oriented, more res more armor less stats. Make em cool looking but make them even less appealing for PVE. Oh and fire whoever designed the shammy hateful/deadly set, maybe t8 too.

UPDATED: Lake Winterfail crashes Northrend {WoW}

Jan 20th 2009 7:26PM How does this happen? What's the point of the PTR?