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Officers' Quarters: Not peons, but just as lazy {WoW}

Jan 24th 2009 12:45AM To be honest very often people say they want to be officer only for the title. In my guild now i was formerly just a member. But just after 1 month i had joined it. There were some internal problems. Our main tank had some arguing with our GM and he decided to leave. And since he was a good tank and people had enjoyed playing with him.(Was even a bit creepy because people talked about him as he was the only tank wich was good in the game) Very many left with him. About 20-30 people. We were about 70 in the guild at that time.

And GM opened Class leaders positions. I said I could try to do the job. With no former experience from guild leadership. So I started recruiting people. And it was fun. It was fun to be able to make a change for the good of all.

And after some time I was promoted to officer and are doing more jobs to fulfill the need of the guild. Now we are raiding 25 man naxx and no drama in the guild so far..

So with a step of the time you can come further. Then they will really see if you want to do something for the guild. Not only get the title "Officer". Wich brings along some work.

Peace out

Forum post of the day: The tank surplus {WoW}

Jan 24th 2009 12:19AM In our guild we have suddenly started to follow be.imba ratings to get invite for raid. And that is because people always whine about don't getting invites for raid. They always say "I signed up on website, why don't I get an invite?". And mostly then they are very undergeared. People just hitting level 80 and at once want to get Naxxramas gear. Instead of doing heroics and be ready for it. So if they don't got the gear score, they can't come.

Sometimes I feel like WOW just got to many whiners.

Realm restarts to fix Death Knight bug {WoW}

Jan 20th 2009 11:53PM "The Death Knight creation bug, which does NOT allow some players to create Death Knights on realms which they DON'T have a level 55+ character on, will be fixed by rolling restarts."

Think there is a little spelling mistake here. You aren't suppose to be able to create a Death Knight on a realm wich you don't have a level 55+ character on. So is it the "NOT" or the "DON'T" that need to be removed. I don't know. Since i could create my Death Knight without problems.