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PlanetSide 2's Higby talks resource costs, business models, and more on Reddit {Massively}

Mar 23rd 2012 2:58PM @(Unverified) It is somewhat problematic but all of the fixes are out there and pretty easy to implement.

I am willing to bet that most of the problems are firewall related and could be remedied with some port forwarding to allow punkbuster to update itself without needing the tool.

The tool itself works great and is easy to use. But they do a horrible job of explaining what it is or why you would need it.

Now you don't see him: Meet PlanetSide 2's Infiltrator {Massively}

Mar 23rd 2012 12:28AM @Maseno You apparently know nothing about Planetside.

World of Tanks has 20 million registered users, making double-digit million profits monthly {Massively}

Mar 19th 2012 12:27PM @Saker Doesn't sound much different from any other MMO where every SINGLE design decision is made to make you waste time and pay your $15 a month.

Look at SWTOR and WoW. Every major building you enter has the entrance blocked by a wall you have to walk around after walking through the main entrance instead of just letting you walk straight through.

The scope and scale of the maps in both games looks great, but it is mostly empty space, or dead ends which don't look like dead ends on the map but require you to back track half of the map to get where you want to go.

If I could pay $15 or less and still be competitive in World of Tanks I think I'd be ok with it. The game doesn't appeal to me though.

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition arrives this summer [update: more news!] {Joystiq}

Mar 18th 2012 10:19PM @Ashitaka You absolutely must play the second. Whether it is this updated version or the original. BG2 has more than a few, but one moment in particular that was just so amazing....

Along with an antagonist that is so well written.

Seriously, you owe it to yourself to play it.

Mass Effect 3's 'Take Earth Back' trailer is finally, seriously, complete (we promise) {Joystiq}

Feb 21st 2012 6:19PM @Draugdraugr Only he/she never said that TOR was super fun most awesome game ever. Only that it isn't "as bad as people make it out to be".

Which is still a matter of opinion.

What you said doesn't even make a fair comparison.

No, McDonald's is no five star restaurant... but if it was BAD... they wouldn't have the customer count they do. There are plenty of other low-cost choices.

COD being the "most fun ever" is also not a fair comparison. Is it a terrible game? Opinion. However if it were in fact terrible, I doubt they'd have as many players.

So basically you turned what he/she said from "isn't as bad" into "is the most awesome game ever"... which is not close to what was said.

Logic what?

PSA: Mass Effect 3 demo drops today {Joystiq}

Feb 14th 2012 10:53PM I hope I can change the default Femshep to look more like the default ME2 one. I fooled around with tons of different options but never really got one that looked right. The ME3 Femshep default looks ok from some angles but from others...her mouth is just horrible looking.

Regardless she doesn't look a thing like the one I played through two games with and that decision is just ridiculously poor in my opinion. Fine, you wanted to upgrade her. Cool. How about allowing me to still choose the original default Femshep to.. 3 games in and I have to play as someone who is pretty much alien to me.

The running animation is laughably bad as well.

Thankfully, the story elements seem to be very well done. I suppose I can just find a helmet and turn helmets to always on lol!

See some stupid alien get curbstomped in the latest Mass Effect 3 trailer {Joystiq}

Feb 11th 2012 3:47PM @Ballistic H Who voted on IGN and played the Xbox version.

Why is that even important? Do you feel the need to justify your opinion?

I like Fem Shep better and so does my cat.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning review: A tempting fate {Joystiq}

Feb 7th 2012 3:20AM Hrmm, a second ago, when I replied there were 2 comments. Now there is only one.. and mine is not showing up despite attempting to post it twice.


Victory: The Age of Racing changes publishers, burns rubber into beta {Massively}

Feb 5th 2012 5:43AM It is one of the most valuable things right now, in real life... without an Apocalypse. Yet we still have races.

I didn't mean that it is not a concern at all, just that it isn't like the focus of whatever remnants of society are left. It could be in fact, that there are so few people left that the amount of fuel available is suddenly a surplus for that amount of people... something they'd then have relatively good amounts of.

I understand where you are coming from but the fiction of this universe apparently doesn't endow fuel with the same level of value as you would be accustomed to in other post-apoc worlds. I am sure they've either considered it and have a reason or just don't care enough about the story for it to bother them.

Victory: The Age of Racing changes publishers, burns rubber into beta {Massively}

Feb 4th 2012 12:46PM @Professer Apparently fuel is not a concern in this story. Post apocalyptic doesn't automatically have anything to do with fuel.