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Officers betting against the raid {WoW}

Jun 9th 2008 11:10AM Ahh, Supremus. My guild has exactly the same issue(though we still one shot him too). Those volcanoes must have the moth-to-flame effect on my guildmates, because they run right to them.
It was weird to read this article because just last week, as we were about to pull Supremus, I said "I'm betting on about 8 deaths on this kill," jokingly. I believe we had more like 10-12, but luckily I didn't put any money on it. He still died, and then dropped the druid idol that he has so kindly given my guild the last 10 runs.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Ooops! {WoW}

Jun 16th 2007 8:32AM I remember when I first learned about this small flaw of Itemrack, good times...

Great addon though, I can't live without it.

I loved the article, was enjoyable to read. Keep representing us meatshields with pride.

Breakfast Topic: Buggy encounters {WoW}

Apr 12th 2007 10:28AM Yeah, people that play this game do bitch a lot, but it's because we have lots of reasons to do so.

This game went through a long beta test phase. Now I wasn't in the beta, but given the number of bugs I personally have encountered, it seems as if they sat around and /danced during the entire thing(exaggeration).

First off, endgame item quality is so messed up it's not even funny. When you go into a raid and an epic drops that is no better than your blue from a 5-man, it makes sense to be pissed off. Raids take a lot more work than a 5 man, the loot should be a lot better. Tier 4 isn't all that great (it does look awesome though). and Tier 5 is barely an upgrade from it. These aren't even real bugs, just terrible planning of itemization.

Going to Underbog for the first time and fighting the last boss was a great experience. He used his levitate spell on the priest, who was sitting up there floating and happened to get a crit greater heal on me. This pulled aggro, and because he was floating 30 feet off the ground(as a result of one of the bosses abilities) the boss evade bugged and healed from about 40% back to full. Now, we were pissed, but we came back and downed him. So it worked out in the end, but the thing of it is, WoW players pay $15 every month to play this game, and don't get me wrong, it's worth it because it's an amazing game. But we expect and deserve a fairly polished game and some decent customer service when bugs do show up, and time after time we fail to get these things. I understand that to exect a 100% bug-free game is unreasonable, but BC has an absurd amount of bugs in it. I don't worry too much about many of them because they don't interfere with gameplay much (wrong buff icons, occasional texture tearing etc.), but there a a lot of bugs that kill groups and just make you want to punch a hole in the wall.

As one example, my guild had just finished the chess event in karazhan, and we were going to begin clearing to Prince. We quickly noticed, however, that the silence effect from a chess game in progredd was still in effect. We couldn't run into the next room because we would pull a group and a pat and die. We had to call it a night, because of some stupid ass silence that prevented us from moving on. This is a widely experienced bug, as are countless others that significantly affect enjoying the game. I would name them all, but I would have to leave the task to my future children in my will because I would die of old age before I finished (I'm 17).

To sum up my rant,we pay monthly for this game for a reason. When we get a product as buggy as BC is, and then get crap "working as intended" or "we're aware, go away" answers from GMs, we have a right to be a bit pissed about it. Yeah, blizz has hotfixed SOME issues, but a miniscule fraction of them, and never the really bad ones. When you pay for something, you have expectations for getting something in return. If you pay a plumber to come fix your toilet and he says "It's working as intended" and leaves without fixing it, you would be pissed. Some people may be a little too whiny,(none of the comments here fall into that category) but there is most definitely an abundance of things to reasonably complain about.

Anti-gold farming bill proposed in South Korea {Joystiq}

Dec 28th 2006 5:18PM You can't close the game servers and make them cooperate. The actual game servers/companies don't sell the gold/gil /platinum etc., in fact they punish people for taking part in it, at least blizzard does. I know Sony Online Entertainment does sell the stuff themselves, so that's an exception.
It would be stupid and unlawful to shut down game servers that, in their terms of service/EULA, specifically state that they do not condone the buying/selling of their currency for real currency. I know blizzard is always banning accounts for this very reason, and I'm willing to bet most other MMO companies do as well(EQ/EQ2 obviously being exceptions, possibly a few others too).

Taxing virtual currency transactions seems unfair to me, even though it wouldn't affect me personally. I suppose if services are taxed in general (anything intangible) then I guess it's fair enough, but I don't know much about those rules.

This really does feel like another case of politicians trying to exploit or damage any industry or cultural trend that they don't understand, video games being a prime target lately. In the big picture, a small tax on this stuff probably won't matter, but it feels like too much like Jack Thompson-esque BS for my taste.

Extensive World of Warcraft play desensitizes humans {Joystiq}

Nov 3rd 2006 7:40PM You all (some exceptions) sicken me. I consider myself to sometimes be a cold-hearted person, but I know where to draw the line. This is just wrong. The guy is saying goodbye to his brother's friends on his behalf, it's not about attention.
I don't care how many people are asses on the WoW (and all other) forums. That doesn't make it acceptable. Even if no WoW player is surprised at that response, it is a giant leap over the line between tolerable stupidity to just plain assh*le. The mere fact that something is a certain way doesn't justify it being so, and that seems to be what many of the posters here are implying. For the love of God, listen to yourselves.

I hope every one of the people posting here that this is funny and/or acceptable loses the closest family member they have. Better yet, I hope they themselves die. Do the world a favor and remove your boundless stupidity from the gene pool.

1UP urges us to buy, not steal {Joystiq}

Oct 3rd 2006 7:18PM To the people that are so hot on pirating, I see your point in many ways, but the thing is, developers are having a tough time becaue of pirating. They're business people, and if they can't make money due to pirating, or are taking a big hit in revenue because of it, it will slowly but surely cripple or kill the industry. Even if I'm wrong on that point, you can't possibly deny that less revenue means less risk-taking. Games that break the mold can be some of the best games out there, Katamari Damacy being the first example that comes to my mind. Original and innovative games that are far outside the norm WILL die if developers are too short on revenue to take a risk on anything that isn't an established franchise or a proven popular genre.

In reality, video games, though I believe they are most certainly art, I wouldn't call developers "artists". It's a business as much as an art. One man can't have a divine inspiration and create the best game ever like it could happen with a painting. Video games take huge and constantly incresing amount of resources in people, time and money. If you enjoy a game, spend the $50 (yes $50, those who say $80 are just wrong, check to get it and support the developers that gave absurd amounts of time to create it, or there won't be a sequel. I know that's a bit extreme in the short term, but the way things are going, it will be reality in the not-so-distant future.

Dad and son game together -- now that's parenting! {Joystiq}

Sep 24th 2006 9:55AM I wish I could get my parents to play games that I play. My mom hasn't touched a controller since she tried to play NFL Blitz with me when I was about 10. My Dad plays Civilization 2 (which I acknowledge is a good game) and Champions of Norrath (PS2) all day. He plays through the game over and over again from level 1 to 80 with the Barbarian class. He must have done it at least 6 times by now. It's honestly painful to watch. I've even asked if he wants to play Halo 2 with me, and he has no interest. That dad in the article is the man, and I hope for there to be more like him in the near future. It's great that he takes an active role in the activities of his kid, and I think all bad press about video games wouldn't be there if more parents were like that. I don't see why most parents avoid games like the plague, it's not like they're a chore to play, they're games!

WoW ban masters laugh at FFXI {Joystiq}

Jul 27th 2006 2:54AM To the ones crying about the title, it's called sarcasm for god's sake. It was in no way an insult to FFXI so just give up. Second, about making a game in which it "isn't possible to hack," that's virtually impossible. For every genius geek at Blizz theres 100 genius geeks to find ways to hack the game. Third, you don't see people hacking in Guild Wars because nobody plays Guild Wars, or FFXI for that matter. It's like how theres never viruses for Macs because they account for such a small portion of the market that it's not worthwhile.

Now Flame away because frankly I don't care.