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Anti-Aliased: Microtransaction mayhem pt. 2 {Massively}

Aug 1st 2009 10:21AM Note that WOW was not the first to offer extra pay services.. far from it.. just off the top of my head EVE online was doing it earlier.. and I'm sure there are others ( this is not even counting the microtransaction-only asian mmos )

Kisai Sensai watch: it's like cold steel on your wrist {Engadget}

Feb 22nd 2009 11:29AM The Power Rangers called.. they want their watch back

Preview of World of Warcraft comic issue 15 {WoW}

Jan 21st 2009 4:13PM To be honest I've always had the impression that Arthas was intentionally allowed to exist, specifically by the Bronze Dragonflight. It gets into a LOT of conjecture, but there are two ways of looking at it.

1) Arthas is a very intentional result of events, similar to the opening of the gate letting the Orcs onto Azeroth -- the people of Azeroth need to be prepared for a much stronger evil; you force them to evolve by challenging them with Orc, Arthas etc..

1a) Arthas is actually needed AS the badass that he is .. if you look at Warcraft III as well as WOW itself, its very clear that there's a lot of premonition and manipulation from the future going on ( on the part of the Bronze dragonflight and the Infinite Dragonflight ). If you look at the events of Caverns of Time its clear who's on what side.. Bronze want to stabilize things, though for what reason -- it may not just be the benevolent preserving the timeline mentality. I mean look at Black Morass.. The Bronze have a clear opportunity to stop the pain and suffering of Azeroth by letting Medivh fail, but they don't.. why? Again maybe its more that if they let the Azerothian people sit around and do nothing, the 'threat' in the future will just roll them when they show up -- but if everyone is strengthened by the invasion by the Orcs ( and then the inclusion of the whole Horde powerblock on Azeroth later ) then they can stand up to that threat. And maybe.. just maybe Arthas is going to be needed too? Who's to say Arthas is actually ... evil.. ?

Maybe he knows too much -- he knows the future that will come and he's trying to find his own way of defending Azeroth. He always seems to be trying to craft strong lieutenants and captains, throughout the whole of Northrend this repeats. Perhaps he's trying to fortify for that day when he has to defend Azeroth from the unknown.. be it the 'elder gods' or something else.. Maybe Arthas is still a hero and we just don't know it?

Anyhow.. lots of digression -- I personally see a very fitting end or extension for Arthas into the 'redemption' path -- but to be honest, maybe he's not such a bad guy ( aside from all the 'turning people into zombies' portion )