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WoW Insider's Cataclysm launch giveaway: BlizzCon 2010 Deathy in-game pet {WoW}

Dec 7th 2010 2:51PM Like all other characters with massive jaws, Deathy will be voiced my Chris Metzen.

Insider Trader: Selling arrows in singles for the price of a stack scam {WoW}

May 17th 2010 2:22PM I've never been involved in this trick from either side, but I really don't see the problem here. The seller isn't doing anything against the game rules, ToS, or EULA; and if the hunter loses some gold for not taking a few extra seconds to see what they're about to buy, than thats on them.

Patch 3.3.5 PTR: Unfinished Doomsday quest line removed {WoW}

May 16th 2010 7:56PM So something that wasn't in game is now.... not in game.


Screenshot of the day revived for Cataclysm {WoW}

Apr 30th 2010 2:11AM /ooc ANYONE CAMPING THE AQUA GOBS?!?

All the World's a Stage: Cataclysm class changes and their impact on roleplay {WoW}

Apr 11th 2010 4:15PM i For one am IRked but the changeS to Tree of life. i really liked being a tree 24/7

Maintenance day loot from {WoW}

Mar 16th 2010 11:32AM Since I have nothing of major insight to post to enter the contest, I will turn the remainder of my post over to Henry David Thoreau.

WHEN I WROTE the following pages, or rather the bulk of them, I lived alone, in the woods, a mile from any neighbor, in a house which I had built myself, on the shore of Walden Pond, in Concord, Massachusetts, and earned my living by the labor of my hands only. I lived there two years and two months. At present I am a sojourner in civilized life again.

I should not obtrude my affairs so much on the notice of my readers if very particular inquiries had not been made by my townsmen concerning my mode of life, which some would call impertinent, though they do not appear to me at all impertinent, but, considering the circumstances, very natural and pertinent. Some have asked what I got to eat; if I did not feel lonesome; if I was not afraid; and the like. Others have been curious to learn what portion of my income I devoted to charitable purposes; and some, who have large families, how many poor children I maintained. I will therefore ask those of my readers who feel no particular interest in me to pardon me if I undertake to answer some of these questions in this book. In most books, the I, or first person, is omitted; in this it will be retained; that, in respect to egotism, is the main difference. We commonly do not remember that it is, after all, always the first person that is speaking. I should not talk so much about myself if there were anybody else whom I knew as well. Unfortunately, I am confined to this theme by the narrowness of my experience. Moreover, I, on my side, require of every writer, first or last, a simple and sincere account of his own life, and not merely what he has heard of other men's lives; some such account as he would send to his kindred from a distant land; for if he has lived sincerely, it must have been in a distant land to me. Perhaps these pages are more particularly addressed to poor students. As for the rest of my readers, they will accept such portions as apply to them. I trust that none will stretch the seams in putting on the coat, for it may do good service to him whom it fits.

No sequel planned for The Craft of War: BLIND {WoW}

Nov 3rd 2009 3:46PM Blizz should give this guy a job making ingame cutscenes. Everyone wins.

Varimathras' replacement: "B" {WoW}

Sep 25th 2009 8:41PM "The forsaken do not forgive. The forsaken do not forget"