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Breakfast Topic: Bad Guys? {WoW}

Dec 11th 2006 12:10PM I think evil is always a matter of perspective.
Case in point:

The forsaken. If you look at it from a non-forsaken point of view. Its pretty evil, dark and twisted. Creating a poison to kill all life and turn them into the forsaken.

But from the forsaken point of view. How are more forsaken made? Because of who they are how many hum them down and attempt to remove them from the earth?
So from the forsaken point of view make a poison that will kill the ones who are trying to destroy them and at the same time procreate, in a manner of speaking. Not at all evil.

Breakfast Topic: Best and Worst Profession {WoW}

Nov 22nd 2006 10:10AM PVP is al that matters to me.
And the proffessions that matter are;

hunter/engineer is a great combo.
nothing like the net-o-matic to help in tight quarters.
and when the stuff you make misfires its funny as hell.
I personally like the randomness. But then I am an old school gamer. (Dragon Quest) and that had spell failures. The risk of something going wrong adds that thrill, nearly as much as pvp itself. If used right the stuff you make as an engineer can make the difference.

and everything else use alchemy. why? pots baby, pots! heal (obvious), free action, rage. etc etc. pots give you that extra special edge. the right pot at the right moment is the difference between honor points and a grey ghost scene.

as far as blacksmithing/enchanting/leatherworking etc. make an alt. make your money with it.

think about it at level 60 are you wearing anything that you made? no your in a gear that dropped or in gear that you buy for rep.

if blacksmithing/leatherworking changed to allow characters to repair the respective gear. That might change my mind.

but this is just one rodent's opinion :)

Breakfast Topic: Favorite quest chain {WoW}

Nov 20th 2006 11:32AM I don't care how long its been.
My favorite quest will always be the one in the starting horde area, where you get to smack the sleeping orcs with a club... :P

Breakfast Topic: That Makes No Sense! {WoW}

Nov 2nd 2006 12:24PM 12. I would like to know why my Undead rogue can be sheeped, yet My mage can not sheep undead.

The differents is that the Forsaken are still poeple
undead are mindless idiots ("kinda like my boss")
You can't be mindless and know fear...

But I still think that they should not have to eat/drink/breath. And that they should be "reanimated" vs rezzed. But think of the programming that would suck.

Taurens have fur, I wanna skin a tauren.

Smokey the Bear does have a shovel though....

Breakfast Topic: Fewer Farmers? {WoW}

Jul 26th 2006 10:44AM I agree. I am a 36 year old man, I work more than full time, have one fiance, 1 son of my own and 3 soon to be step kids. My fiance, and two of the kids play on a regular basis. I personally would rather spend my time questing, and bg'ing than farming for gold myself.

What blizzard should do is sell gold themselves. I personally would rather play content related than have to spend time farming for gold. As for the AH prices getting out of control. Set a base price for the item and set a increasing percentage based AH fee on the gold earned on a sale. This should even that out.