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Breakfast Topic: Dude, where's my ram? {WoW}

Oct 5th 2010 8:35AM Well after 3 years of trying, this time round i FINALLY got the Kodo and the remote on my Nelf Druid in the first 2 days.
Bless you RNG gods.

Enter to win a Blazing Hippogryph and other loot {WoW}

Jul 27th 2010 12:28PM I like ham

Drama Mamas: Racism and setting social standards {WoW}

Jul 2nd 2010 3:26PM I've experienced racist comments on EU.
About a year ago had just come out of Gundrak with some guildies and was at the flight master and was /s chatting when out of nowhere this DK flys down and starts calling us 'Paki's' and telling us to 'go bomb the USA'. We were all a bit WTF? but he carried on (and had started doing it in /y too) so I reported him to a GM and we went on our merry way leaving him spouting off.

2 hours later i got a whisper from a very nice GM saying that 'They were looking in to my complaint and take racism very seriously' yada yada yada.

about a fortnight later we were discussing the event in guild chat and I randomly looked up the racist on the Armory and lo and behold his character hadn't been logged since that day.
Coincidence? Maybe. But I like to think his ass got banned :D

The Queue: Fargo (the flood, not the movie) {WoW}

Mar 21st 2010 10:46AM Another question for The Queue here:
I'm levelling an alt and have came across quite a few ass-hats (ninja's and such)whilst doing random dungeons. I have found that if they don't say anything in party chat i'm unable to ignore them so i don't have the misfortune to group with them again.

Is there away around this? Manually typing the name and realm in the ignore box doesn't always work if its a long name/realm name.


WoW 5th Anniversary Giveaway: 3 Tiny mount loot codes {WoW}

Nov 25th 2009 9:13AM How tiny is tiny when you are a gnome though? :D

WoW 5th Anniversary Giveaway: Spectral Kitten loot code {WoW}

Nov 23rd 2009 9:28AM Aww Gief kitteh!

Emergency European maintenance this evening {WoW}

Oct 23rd 2009 2:41AM Heh, I'm youtubeing it again!

EU problems {WoW}

Oct 13th 2009 4:19PM Tbh, i don't want a penguin pet, i want stable servers that i can log in to.
This Battle.Net saga has been going on for months for those of us that decided to merge months ago. Looks like this time it was down to everyone deciding "OMG A FREE PET! GIEF BATTLENET NOW!
On the plus side the more people with B.Net the more people to storm the Tech Support forum when it goes belly up again!

Breakfast Topic: The great merge {WoW}

Oct 13th 2009 2:48PM Oh look, what a surprise Eu Battle.Net is DOWN AGAIN.

WoW Moviewatch: Million Miles From Home {WoW}

Aug 12th 2009 1:15PM God i love that song!
Shame the video never got finished i really enjoyed it, gotta love the USS Boomkin :)