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A plea for Divine Plea {WoW}

Feb 10th 2009 6:05AM I'm a holy pally and this change will be a real problem for me. I'm pretty sure i'm not alone in this case. I explain :

Before WOTLK mana regen was mainly from crits (and not only 60% of the mana) and MP5. Since WOTLK divine plea give us another way to get back our mana. While using this spell each minute its a huge source of mana.

So what i did when i see that ? I remove all my MP5 gear and/or bid only on plate healing item with haste/crit. So today i have about 600 haste, 2100sp,40-50% crits and 0 MP5.
I'm almost never oom and have a very nice casting time with all this haste.

Now they decide to nerf DP. As a pally i'm mainly a tank healer. Do you think its possible to have 15 sec every minute with 50% less healing on the main tank ???? No we will do very bad tank healer in this case.

So what now ?
Do i have to ask to the others healers to replace me every 45sec while i get back my mana ?
Do i have to rebuild my entire set with MP5 ? Yeah three month of naxx/os/maly for nothing....
Or do i have to return on my priest, forget my pally because like usual, priest are buffed and pally get nerf.

Oh btw i forget, this nerf is coming today i see on the 3.0.9 patch notes but WHY other mana regen nerf (for pally/druid) are not inside also ?
Also they waited 3 month before to nerf CoH/WG. They waited less than one week before to nerf our Holy Light glyph.

Blizz why so many hate against holy pally ??!!!!!

Glyph of Holy Light nerfed {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2009 7:20PM You are just a bad pally if you didnt use it before. go back at the bottom of the chart...

Glyph of Holy Light nerfed {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2009 5:48AM 1) About the priests :

I'm a priest, usually first in the charts in 10/25men on a excellent raiding server. Here are my 3 main spells pre patch (not exactly theses stats but almost that) :
-CoH 30%
-PoM 30%
-FlashHeal 30%
After patch 3.0.8 my 3 main spells are... guess what ? They are the same, almost the same stats, maybe even a little more CoH.

And you know why ? Because priests are not a fucking "one button" healing class. You have a lot of powerful spells use them and stop crying about this stupid CoH. If you have a problem with the nerf of CoH its ONLY because you use it far too much before .

2) About the pally and the glyph

This glyph is in the game since the patch 3.0. Its not smart, that heals 5 people in 20 yards circle around the holy light target. It was 5 yards before and it will be 8 soon. But do you think that's change a lot of things ?

Ok let's think a little :
That heals IS NOT smart, so that heals the 5 closest players of the holy light target. So basically pally are tank healers right ? So this glyph heal the melee dps and OT mainly right ? Melee dps are usually not far from the tank (less than 8 yards) right ? So do you think this fix will change a lot of things ?

Almost nothing ! The glyph of holy light was an important part of the healing of the pally in my guild since the patch 3.0.2! Not only since the last patch. This last patch increased VERY slightly their healing.

If priests are crying because of this "OP" glyph its because they dont know how to play their class. If pally are crying about this new nerf of the glyph its because they didn't use it well before the patch.

The healing order on the charts almost didn't change with this patch in my guild Its a change only for 80% CoH priests pre patch and for pally who discover the powerful of the glyph now.

3) About holy priests and holy pally

Holy priest were and still are a powerful and fun healing class. Holy pally still need a few more spells to make this spec more interesting, fun to play and more efficient on raid healing. This glyph help a lot but its still not enough.
Also i agree you can do a raid without a holy priest like you can do a raid with only holy priest to heal. But like someone said, its always better to have a mix of the all healing class.