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GamersFirst publisher purchases APB {Massively}

Nov 11th 2010 8:43AM I am a part of the small hardcore fanbase of APB, and I am thrilled. Mircotransactions worry me a bit, but I love this game so much and I can't wait for it to return.

How to Talk Smack on Multiplayer for the n00bs {Asylum}

Feb 25th 2009 11:34AM Oh, I forgot to add the second paragraph to "capping". It has more then one meaning.

"cap" is also short for capturing the flag. To score. So if I tell your noob ass to cap the flag, you'd better go score.

So if you cap my flag, I'm gonna find where you live and put a cap in yo' arse.

How to Talk Smack on Multiplayer for the n00bs {Asylum}

Feb 25th 2009 11:25AM Fail. Fail... this one makes me mad too. No gaming connection at all. It is so simple. Use a computer before windows? ...Abort, Retry, Fail... Sound familiar? There ya go. SO simple.

Stick: This is purely a football term. To stick someone in football is to hit them hard and hold on to them.

Capping: To pop a cap. To shoot someone. When us old people were young we had guns that had fake charges of powder that used to make a loud noise. They were called "caps" They came in two flavors. One was a ring of plastic, the other we a red tape with the charges in between. I've popped many caps in my life. Don't make me pop a cap in the writer of this article. The rap community took over the meaning, but its origin is clear.


FTW-Gameshows. Pure and simple. Richard Dawson approaches the young 18 year old nubile, with the perky DDs, kisses her hand, and says , "262 points in the pot, two strikes, for the win, Where do you hide your valueables?"

Pew-Pew... Ummm pew pew is older then dirt. You grandmother knows what pew pew mean because its been used in comic books since to dawn of time. Pew pew is shooting. *KAPOW* Go watch the 1960's batman.

LFG- MMO people like to abbreviate everything. It is annoying as shait. PST stands for 'PLEASE SEND TELL' jeabus christ.


ET wouldn't fall into random holes. People would walk into them. The problem is people didn't read instruction manuals at the time and they generally couldn't understand anything more the shoot everything on the screen.

How to Talk Smack on Multiplayer for the n00bs {Asylum}

Feb 25th 2009 10:30AM There are so many inaccuracies. If you are going to write a history of gaming terms try and be at least over the age of 30.

pwned is just missspelled owned. That is it. To search for the meaning of pwned, you have to find the source of owned. owned is a hacker term. In Unix boxes every file has an "owner" If you own someone's machine is to mean you have complete access to it... root access. You've become the owner. If you hack yahoo's main page, you gained root access to yahoo's main servers, you own root, you owned yahoo. owned predates most gaming. It then carried over into gaming to mean domination. And then it started being typed hurriedly and it became "pwned".

woot- Nothing frustrated me more then new MMO players saying "woot" came from "WoW Loot". This is so wrong it is the ultimate gaming facepalm. New people didn't understand the term "woot" so they came up with their own new acronym because we know MMO people abbreviate EVERYTHING. (see LFG PST-PEOPLE ARE GETTING PST WRONG NOW AGGGGHH) While the term is a little harder to track down, my educated guess is that it comes from the song "95 South Whoot There It Is" whoot, was shortend to "woot". woot is kind of an expression of joy. woot! we won! woot! my +209 sword of awesomeness finally dropped. woot there it is, look at that girls butt.

Teabagging is CERTAINLY before Battlefield 1942. Return to Castle Wolfenstein has a "kill cam". When you wait for a medic you can rotate the camera around. In fact, it made sense to wait around to be revieved for a medic because then you wouldn't have a respawn penality. After the enemy player killed you, he would stand on you to keep the medics from getting to you to revieve you. Thus teabagging was born. The term "teabag" came from a list a jokes that circulated in the mid 1990's. Teabag, dirty sanchez, cleaveland steamer, etc.. all came from an email forward that describes unrealistic sexual situations. It wasn't really that funny in 1996, and I don't really find it all funny in 2009.

I'll write more later if I feel like it. Want to argue? email me.

Breakfast Topic: Get off the #%&$#^$ stone! {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2009 8:35AM newbies:
step1: get close to object being covered.

step 2: zoom all the way in...... wow! magic! now your inside the person covering the stone/npc/mailbox/etc

step 3: ???

step 4: profit!

problem solved. The first time I saw this, took me thirty seconds to figure out how to defeat it...