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A look at the stated Priest changes for patch 3.1 {WoW}

Feb 5th 2009 3:51AM As a Holy Priest, just like Narshe I hope they add the effect to Serendipity instead of changing it. It's probably my playstyle but I don't like to overheal spam much (got a Holy Pally and / or Resto Druid for that job). It also burns your efficiency. If you don't get mana back but instead gain the ability to burn your mana even faster it's like going back to CoH spam and burn all your mana away. With the reduced casting time Flash Heals will much be like the 1 seconds Pally's FoL proc except their efficiency mana wise with that spell is much greater than the Priest's version. If they change Serendipity instead of adding the effect, it's like they want Holy Priests to be only good at raid healing with these changes to me.

I do like the Divine Spirit buff and the raid wide PoH though. Looking forwards to these.

Spiritual Guidance: Is Greater Heal on Life Support? {WoW}

Jan 26th 2009 7:43AM I did Naxx25 this weekend and topped of 1st as a healer while being 3rd in overhealing being a Holy Priest (with only 15% vs. 35% of the pala and 25% of the 2nd priest). Didn't use GHeal much as far as I can remember since FH is so much more efficient when you have lots of crit rating (I had 21% with moonkin aura). The Surge of Light proc kicks in quite a lot and in the cast time of one GHeal you can cast 2 FH's so twice as much chance for procs, which means another free, instant FH.

Also with Holy Concentration I can get streaks of 2 - 3 procs easily in a row (FH, proc, free SoL FH, free HC FH, proc again, free SoL FH, free FH). More casts equals more chance of procs so GHeal is just not up to that task. I checked Recount and about 50% of my healing was FH in the end. The rest was CoH with 25% (with 21% crit rating it means 1 out of 5 (or 6 with glyph) targets proc another free SoL FH) and PoM with 15% leaving 10% for random PoH's and Renew.

I went for crit rating with my build and I must say I like it a lot better then my previous Holy build. I ditched Renew because Restodruids are far better at keeping HoT's up and 90% of my Renew was always overhealing, so it wasn't efficient. Also I don't really like PoM since it's too random and can sit on a person for 30 secs. and vanish with 5 counters (6 if you have T7 bonus). You can recast but it remains inefficient at times but highly overpowered at other times. I rather see it jump to the next target consuming one counter after 6 seconds or so (A bit like how lifebloom procs).

Coming back to topic, GHeal just is not interesting anymore with high crit rating and lots of Holy Concentration and Surge of Light procs. I still like deep Holy tree though.