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The Queue: Close the floodgates again, please {WoW}

Mar 25th 2009 12:01PM It's simple. All females just need to suck it up or quit. They cry about equal rights with everything in RL, now they have to bring it to Azeroth.

Blizzard is tailoring to what..97% 98% male gender? I hardly think they'll miss the miniscule 2% of women that are offended.

The Silent Bob approach to group management {WoW}

Jan 26th 2009 12:31PM Do you always sit at the front of the bus licking the windows? How does being silent fix ANY of our examples?
I think Adam needs to grow some hair on his nads.

You have an issue with someone in your group, you address it, and if they continue to be noobs, boot their arse! Simple.