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Officers' Quarters: Pitchforks and torches {WoW}

Aug 16th 2010 3:00PM I grew increasingly deaf over the years since WoW launched, and stopped raiding and most grouping with my guild when it became near total. THEY would have gladly kept me, but I honestly felt that with all the study and visual cue watching in the world, my reactions (I was almost always DPS) were just a second or half-second slower than with Vent. And I did feel responsible for a couple of wipes due to early deaths and a significant resulting loss in DPS for the raid. I think a guild needs to be very understanding and flexible to handle deaf players. I have stayed in my guild, still group on occasion with close guildmates who know my playstyle and can adapt to it, but mostly do solo or BG stuff now. I keep looking for an actual "deaf guild," but have not found one. I would join if there were one, since we would all be on the same page and Vent would not be an issue. My point: I really sympathize both with deaf players and with guilds with normal hearing folks in the great majority. It is not easy.

Officers' Quarters: Four lessons from the inauguration {WoW}

Jan 26th 2009 1:27PM You walked a tightrope there, and in my view did it well. Though I agree with technicaldiva overall.

Over three years ago, when few people knew who he was, I created a dark-skinned human mage named Barackobama on my main server, but deleted him when he announced he was running for President, because I worried it would create problems.

I rarely make a political comment in gchat, and when I do, it is always with a humorous connection to another WoW-related comment. Our guild has an unwritten rule about politics, religion, other contentious real life subjects. We chat about cooking, movies, the weather, our real life pets, where we live, what we do, etc. But invariably it is upbeat and neutral, and folks wanting to talk about other stuff do in in psts to other guildies.

Most of us play WoW to get AWAY from RL. And I believe that is how it should be.