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iOS 4: Updating woes with iPhone 3G {}

Jun 22nd 2010 1:05AM Thanks - the update route seemed to be stuck on 3% backup after 5+ hours, the restore route finished in 30mins or so. I guess this iPhone 3G really is due a replacement :)

iPhone backups a bit slow? Dump those images {}

Mar 13th 2010 12:24PM My backups tend to take 10+ minutes, I sync daily, as I go through podcasts.

Only have a few pictures - maybe 10.

iTunes on a MacMini 10.6.2


Developers on avoiding the 99 cent App Store price {}

Jan 14th 2010 8:59AM But Mike, what have you been doing in WOW this week?

Missing you from the podcast, hope its a temporary break.

Dear Aunt TUAW: My "private" APIs... aren't {}

Nov 26th 2009 1:38PM Nooo... is this whats holding up my Tweetie 2 update :(

Breakfast Topic: The great merge {WoW}

Oct 13th 2009 3:13PM Seem to be having issues tonight - looks like everyone converted and killed their servers.

I can quickly get the account merged error on my old account but the battle net one takes ages and then disconnects me from server.... it was ok earlier/mid afternoon. :(

The Queue: The Twitcave {WoW}

Aug 26th 2009 8:04PM PS - I am @kimptoc ;)

The Queue: The Twitcave {WoW}

Aug 26th 2009 8:04PM Thanks :)

TUAW Review: iPhoto '09 is a pretty picture {}

Jan 28th 2009 5:21PM Yay - moved it to iDisk - press the key during startup to choose a different location. Its then the default going forward.

Works for my tiny 5gb photo collection...

TUAW Review: iPhoto '09 is a pretty picture {}

Jan 28th 2009 3:33AM Hi,

Maybe its just my noob-ish - but after I rotated an image, it seemed to get confused and started flipping betweent the landscape and portrait versions. These also looked to be done at the wrong scale - the image looked squeezed/stretched...

It also confused a face tag I put in and instead had my face as a patch of grass :(

I wish I could make it use iDisk to store the images... oh well, perhaps Picasa will get these features soon :)

iLife '09 ships tomorrow {}

Jan 27th 2009 8:36AM So - any reviews yet? Or more importantly any major upgrade issues yet? I need to do a DVD - so hopefully iMovie/DVD works ok...

Collecting from Apple Store later today (assuming they are not sold out).