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The Queue: Elephants {WoW}

Feb 12th 2010 7:15PM @Sicadastra

I feel like something like that would expect too much of the entire WoW population to move the lore forward and keep this the same game. I would looooove to see something like that in an RTS form; I too miss the days of commanding around undead and orcs. I think this sort of thing would be great to usher in a completely new WoW game, with different factions and whatnot, but that it just wouldn't work to bridge expansions.


Breakfast Topic: Missing features {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2009 11:59AM Oh, did you not hear?

Yeah, that's what the new DK abilities will be come 3.2, Flaming Hands of Doom and Death Jump, so...probly not gonna see that one on rogues for a while. Also, they're getting an upgrade from plate to the new indestructible armor. I think it's modeled after what Algalon the Raid Destroyer wears.



Breakfast Topic: Pranks {WoW}

Jan 29th 2009 12:38PM My guildies pulled a great prank on another raider after a quick Kara run one night.

They were almost through the full run when the pranked person in question had to leave for the night, but he let his roommate take the controls so that the group wouldn't have to find some more DPS that late in the evening. After clearing out Kara, his roommate convinced the rest of our guildies that they should use this prime time to have a little fun...

First, they sent him an in-game mail message and waited for it to get to him. Then, they took all of his gear off, put it in his bank, and destroyed his Hearthstone. He was a rogue, so no sneaky porting yourself around for this poor guy. When the in-game mail finally arrived they went and got it and began to set him up.

Three guildies, one a warlock, decide to hop on their flying mounts and find a nice big fractured bit of land floating somewhere in the Outlands that either appeared close enough to the main land that one could almost reach it or one that was just a few yards higher than slowfall would allow you to live through. They finally found a nice high up island in Nagrand, I believe the one with the tree and the waterfall over Halaa, and proceeded to summon him there. After that they had a good chuckle and all said goodnight.

The next day when our friend the rogue logged back in, this is the scene that greeted him: On top of one of the nicest islands in probably the prettiest zone in Outlands. Ok, not so bad. Looks for his flying mount....not there. Decides to Hearth.... and all of his equipment is gone, except for one in-game mail note. It read
"Friend, we have left you with a perilous decision, but it is yours to make nonetheless. Do you value your life, or your sanity? Live or die friend, live, or die."

Needless to say, for the next few minutes guildchat was unintelligible between his swearing, our laughing, and then again when we checked to see where he was and he had made it back to Shattrath.

I guess he chose death.