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Two Bosses Enter: Lord Godfrey vs. Setesh {WoW}

Sep 20th 2011 2:13AM Had a TL:DR comment all ready for this match-up but didn't post it as Robert hit the nail on the head. Setesh is a 'different' boss fight and still people struggle through the fight (only reason there are less wipes than there should be are that lots of people roflstomp the content so difficult just becomes time consuming which equals skip it if you can!). Never had a problem with Godfrey (avoid the bad, deeps the ads and loot the corpse)

Gold Capped: Warcraft needs a new gold sink, and it needs it yesterday {WoW}

Sep 20th 2011 12:42AM Gold Sink - something to spend money on for no great return so that the gold goes out of the economy rather than into a fellow merchants pocket.

So you have ALL the mounts you could buy, ALL the epics you could wear, ALL the vanity items you could acquire. You have 10 toons on the one server all with oodles of cash and all of the above as well. Rather than asking Blizzard to create a gold plated WC with flashing lights and dancing girls for you to go all inception on with your current load of crap you could buy/make/find stuff for a newb. Get them a nice mount when they ding 20, 40, 60 or 70! Buy them an epic axe/sword/staff/shield/mace that you saw on the AH. Heck buy/make/find them every pet they could ever imagine.

Every thing you buy from a vendor, make with farmed mats or find but don't sell for profit and instead gift to someone new will take gold out of circulation. PLUS if you take the CUSTOMER out of the market, no one will buy your stuff and so you won't make any more money and therefore inflation will be slowed. I'm no economist but I'm pretty sure prices only go up when supply can't meet demand.

If you can't do anything about supply try acting on demand instead :)

Gold Capped: Warcraft needs a new gold sink, and it needs it yesterday {WoW}

Sep 19th 2011 9:23PM Amazingly enough you can make your own gold sinks in this game!

1) Find a newb
2) real-id them so you can ensure they aren't an Alt of a fellow millionaire
3) Sponsor them in their WoW adventure

Two Bosses Enter: Setesh vs. Halazzi {WoW}

Aug 9th 2011 12:19AM Halazzi strode purposefully into the quiet arena, confident in his prowess and in the aid of the Lynx Avatar that flowed through him. That confidence was shaken but not drained by the sight of the towering black stone figure before him. Would Halazzi's wiked claws, searing flame shock and debilitating lightning be enough to overcome such a foe, he didn't know but the doubt was put to the back of his mind as he assessed this foe for weakness.

Setesh stood impassive whilst the puny troll paced back and forth infront of him like some agitated feline. This one certainly seemed different from the others he had glimpsed back in his usual position in the Halls of Origination. As a guard placed by the very Titans, Setesh was quite sure he could account for any foe that was foolish enough to challenge him and this one did look just the right sort of fool to do that.

Halazzi yells: Get on ya knees and bow.... to da fang and claw!

Suddenly the Troll leapt towards Setesh with a rage filled scream of power and started to swing his empowered claws with determination against the cold black stone. Halazzi was momentarily puzzled as his opponent appeared to ignore his attacks and simply walked away, enraged he rushed after him striking with increased fury and rending small but telling blows to the hard shell of this strange foe. A small dark but tinged with purple ball of magic formed at Halazzi feet burning his skin and forcing him to retreat momentarily from his foe, as he moved another ball appeared forcing him further and further from Setesh.

Setesh yells: You fear that which you cannot control. But can you control your fear?

This appeared to be what Setesh was wanting to happen as he finally appeared to take notice of Halazzi. Setesh barely seemed to moved as he effortlessly tossed the ball of rolling blackness at the spot the Troll was crouched in waiting to see what would happen next. Halazzi easily side-stepped the ball of darkness that arced to him but had not considered it would leave the small pool of darkness behind that it did. The pain was enough to convince him to get back in to contact with this strange beast and continue the work he had been forced away from earlier. Halazzi summoned a totem of water on his way back into combat to heal some of the damage he had suffered but the damned statue just strode away forcing Halazzi to follow and not recieve any benefit from the totem.

As he rushed in to continue the attack he noticed a black portal slowly open up behind the equally black figure of Setesh. He wondered if his oponent was intending to flee to some other realm away from the fight that had barely begun of if he was bringing assistance from whatever black hell he had obviously sprung from. As the two worms of darkness slipped through the portal, Halazzi's question was answered. Switching quickly to these new foes, Halazzi felt no danger as these new foes appeared weak and easily subdued. Just in time Halazzi noticed the slow ball of darkness heading towards him just as he finished off the second of the two worms. The searing pain of the pool of darkness was enough to convince Halazzi that it was time to split his strength to deal with what had become a battle on two fronts. His Troll side strode back into combat with the statue and his Lynx half leapt at the new foe slipping quickly through the black doorway.

Halazzi yells: Me gonna carve ya now!

The Lynx half of Halazzi and the new void entity struck terrible blows upon one another but the cat was just strong enough despite the power flowing through the entity's fists to overcome him. Luckly for Halazzi his Lynx half still had the energy and will left to deal with the portal itself before the new foe just emerging was able to fully enter the field of battle. Unfortunately it wasn't able to do both that and avoid the new ball of blackness Setesh was able to unleash whilst the Lynx was occupied and so the two halves were forced back together.
Whilst his Lynx half had been dealing with the void creatures and the doorway Halazzi the Worshiper had been doing the best he could against the stone figure of Setesh. The lightning totem he summoned had done great damage at first but Setesh instinctively summoned more of the small black balls of magic he had used at the beginning of the battle and whilst Halazzi the Worshiper could move away from the totem was unable to avoid the minor but sufficient damage they did and was snuffed out.

As the two halves of Halazzi rejoined they started the same dance with more urgency, determined to finish this troublesome foe as quickly as they could. Unfortunately for Halazzi being a single figure again meant he had to decide whether to continue the assault on the original target or switch to the new portal that opened up before him. He chose to continue on the original target and try and bring it down now. Summoning a new lightning totem appeared to deal well with the worms and even score a few hits on Setesh himself but was unable to reach the doorway and so the second void creature from before was able to re-enter the battle and add its damage to the continued small amounts from the balls of darkness.

By switching to this new opponent and dropping a water totem at his feet he was able to negate and even briefly reverse some of the terrible damage being wrought upon him by his foes. A final lightning totem placed right infront of the portal should have sealed the doorways fate and stopped any more creatures from emerging from it but one was able to slip in before the doorway was sealed. This new entity struck Halazzi with a strange attack that slowed every part of his being and even seemed to shut off the joyful flow of energy from his water totem.

Setesh yells: Do you understand now?

Seeming stuck in a molassess of purple tinged darkness and Halazzi could only stare in horror as the slow moving ball of darkness he had so easily avoided previously struck him directly and leaving the pool of darkness all around him. The flesh of Halazzi screamed as the utter coldness of the darkness engulfed him ... the darkness wrapped itself tightly around the struggling Troll as the life ebbed from him ... Halazzi barely whispered a final defiant word ... you ... can't ... fight ... da power!

Setesh yells: Embrace the end!

Two Bosses Enter: Foe Reaper 5000 vs. Commander Springvale {WoW}

Jul 25th 2011 11:17PM Have to agree with Khoonda here and think that story wise I think a merger is the most likely outcome.

I voted for Springvale simply because if the merger did take place it would be more Springvale than Foe-Reaper in charge.

Two Bosses Enter: Erudax vs. Eregos {WoW}

May 23rd 2011 9:27PM Gave this to Erudax for very similar reasons.

Some of their attacks/actions are matched/negated by the others attacks/actions but in the end Erudax has more counters than Eregos does and more importantly he has a heal so has a higher time to live (effective health).

Know Your Lore: Rise of the Zandalari {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2011 9:33PM My guess is that Zul is actually a blue dragon rather than a black one. Seems strange but given their age we've never really seen and interaction between trolls and dragons other than as players. Given the Zandalari history of being scholars and magic users it would make sort of sense that the reason we haven't seen interaction between dragons and trolls has been because lately the blue dragonflight has been a shambles and on the verge of dying out like the trolls themselves.

Totem Talk: Enhance me {WoW}

Jul 31st 2010 8:48PM Might be a minor thing but I find that having to decipher the abreviations everyone (including you) seems to use takes away from the information provided as I have to think what each abreviation is! I am not by any means a hard core enhancement shaman player (my shammy is mainly resto) but I do like to bust out the whirling death machine side from time to time. I'm sure there are others like me who play enhancement who feel daunted and somewhat belittled by the use of abreviations (a form of 1337 speak effectively) and it makes me wonder if it was done on purpose. I don't imagine the article would have taken that much longer to write if the full talent/ability name was used.

Insider Trader: Enchanting the Cataclysm {WoW}

Jul 28th 2010 4:07AM most interesting bit here for me was the mention of "Miscellaneous" and "Spear" under the target weapons for those enchants! Does this mean that I'll finally be able to enchant my fishing rod!

Breakfast Topic: Logging into the expansion {WoW}

Jul 14th 2010 8:56PM Something like the image at the top of this article (deepholme portal?) but better quality image with various fish, monsters and goblin corpses floating past.