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Shifting Perspectives: The Druid of 2008, part II {WoW}

Jan 30th 2009 6:45AM I have been tanking 25 man nax and the ever so easy 25 vaults but can not tank heroics to save my life. I give everyoen the speech about rage and threat. But, I always end up chasing targets around. People die and then tell me to get some gear. I cant help but question my own tanking abilities as my gear is glorious. I would like to see a serrious diminish on my aoe taunt timer. On the pvp side of things- in BC i had a full pvp set and did good. But, things were shady in BGs now with the unholy DK, I kept telling myself "your not geared yet" but...there not geared ether! What is going to happen when i run into a full arena geared DK? I will die and thats it! I must tell you this though, because I stopped pvp and focused on raiding, I am now doing BGs with pve gear and I swear the only thing I notice is the mana drains. It is not uncommon for me to fight 4 to 5 horde at once and live for a long time. If I have a pali healer...forget about it. Like someone said in this thread, we need more mana. like he said, you have to shift to kill a blinking mage that can constantly CC you.