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Blizzard legal targets private servers {WoW}

Dec 6th 2008 9:54PM > Sorry, Drakkenfyre, I'm pretty sure that's not how it works.

This seems precisely be the way this works. It's not the client-IP that is stored and sent to Blizzard by Warden, it's the _server_ IP. So if you, say, connect to or whatever your home private server is, Blizzard might take notice.

Now, in the case of private IP space, there's more than one reason (you could connect to a tunnel to the outside), but in the case of public, non-RFC-1918-space, all Blizzard needs to do is check the IP and then, automagically, ban anyone whose outgoing IP record contains that IP. Simple and fast.

Samwise Didier on Blizzard's art and games {WoW}

Mar 24th 2008 3:47PM There's an "i" missing in his last name in the title.

15 Minutes of Fame: Raiding SSC at age 11 {WoW}

Feb 26th 2008 2:55PM We're an almost exclusively military guild with family members. Our youngest healer was ten (she's "dinged 11", as she told her mother, since), and she had a better understanding of healing rotation and mana management than most of our new recruits. Our MT was 15 when we entered Karazhan, and one of our mages is 12. Add to that a 13 year old Druid, a 14 year old resto Shaman, and a 10 year old Paladin (who doesn't like raids, so she heals heroics and farms), and the above player is in good company.

What seems to set us apart, is that we do not shelter our players. Given the right parental input, each and every one of them knows how to deal with foul language in General and Trade, knows how to take a RL "dressing down", and can hold their own, unsupervised, as raiders and in PvP.

This game is, in essence, beatable by children. It's not hard, just strenuous and often quite boring. We find that if we don't lose a player, regardless of age, to the requirement of having to run Kara and Gruul/Mag for other people's gear, they are ready to progress with us. And, frankly, more of the so-called "mature" crowd turned out to be greedy, loot-focused, and unwilling to run instances they considered less "rewarding".

The only time we realized the difference was, when a new player we recruited, felt shown off for having a 11 year old explain to her the differences between MP5 and Spirit for extended fights. "I read that on EJ, and if you want to be useful you better understand those things, too. If I can, you can." and left.

Simply put, we place Ethics over Epix and Professionalism over Pride, and age becomes essentially a non-issue. It's sad, that the parents of this player feel they have to shelter him instead of showing pride and willingness to see how he deals against the unfettered society that is WoW. He'll only be better for it as he grows up.

The Legendary Sisterhood shakes up Sentinels {WoW}

Feb 12th 2008 7:49AM Why would begging be wrong. Are you offended IC? Then react IC. If the Sisterhood's IC belief is, that begging is right, then why should they kick anyone. If anything there might be IC punishment for acting "strange", that is speaking OoC, or anything else that can be done IC, but you're suggesting the guild act OoC where the criticism seems to be that they're not acting IC. That's kind of a reversed, very skewed, logic, no?

The Legendary Sisterhood shakes up Sentinels {WoW}

Feb 12th 2008 7:41AM Agreed. To be honest, these guys seem to be better RPers than most - a welcome break from the "orphan gone prodigy looking at you with a deep, sadness filled, smile" cookie cutter RP backgrounder. A welcome break from the ever-same guy or gal playing an idealized version of themselves and - while insisting no one else does - taking every action in game as an affront not towards the character they play but the player they are.

Sentinels, like most every other RP server, is a RP cesspool filled with faux Shakesperean speech, openly nazistic or segregational viewpoints un-cleverly disguised as role-playing, and RP as a means to further their own players agenda, not as a way to play with others. "Thou dost not address me as such, knave, I shalt loot this BoE epic for it's my birth right (((see my background, I am the long lost son of a prince and warrior queen, highly trained in martial arts and very charismatic, you will not argue with me but happily let me take this sword which I will auction off, because I am of higher standing and not accustomed to sharing with a low peon like you))".

Along comes the "Sisterhood", people who actually RP. They spit, they point, they laugh, they grief, they beg for money, they threaten, they're paranoid, they're seclusionary - wow, it's RP, people. Which, of course, offends the regulars.

Spell Haste will affect global cooldown, to minimum of one second {WoW}

Feb 1st 2008 5:30PM Hemorrhage has a 1.5 second server side GCD. See Rogue forums or the EJ thread. Gouge has a 1.5 second server side cooldown. Blind, ShadowStep, and CloS activate a 1.5 second server side GCD. Sinister Strike is 1s as is Mutilate. But try one of those FOLM AR/Prep builds (HARP et al) and you'll notice the difference.

In addition, no, haste has more than "just" a white damage effect. For raiding rogues haste means more CP procs, more DP applications, a higher chance to proc WF - which combined can and does mean a difference of more DPS than just gains in white damage alone.

TBH, I am a resto Druid, so I am excited about this change, but meleers have a definite reason to be miffed.

Spell Haste will affect global cooldown, to minimum of one second {WoW}

Feb 1st 2008 3:47PM "Melee don't have much of a leg to stand on (their attacks aren't limited by mana as caster attacks are)"

You have to be kidding me. With the exception of Shamans, all attacks are limited by some form of energy/focus/rage for all melee classes. But that's irrelevant. What IS relevant, is the fact that GCD affects mostly instant cast and short cast time spells, which melee has more of and depends more on.

Especially with the 2.3 changes to server-side GCD, Rogues have had to learn to live with "Out of Range You can't do that yet You can't do that yet Out of Range Out of Range You can't do that yet" issues in most PvE and all PvP. A shortening of the GCD benefits melee classes as much as it does benefit caster classes.

Breakfast Topic: Hand of Ragnaros is a druid weapon {WoW}

Jan 2nd 2007 3:02PM Did anyone actually ask what kind of Druid he is? As an Oomkin since 2.0 he'll be benefiting a-plenty from HoR, the proc is insane, his armor and AP are only about to go up (a good Panzerkin has 10k+ armor, beat that Warrior), and while casting resets the swing timer this will be fixed in TBC making Oomkin melee a real possibility.

Imagine this - a 11k armor warrior pounds on you while casting instants for 700+ damage, swinging HoR and sicking three little trees on you, each of which does 200 or so damage per hit on a 2.4 speed swing timer on leather. If that's not enough, imagine that warrior being virtually immune to snares, being able to heal itself for 4000 life on an non-interruptible cast (Barkskin), having powerful self-buffs, and being able to change into a healer, a stealther, a tank, or back into one of the best armored melee casters possible. How's that sound? Well, right now it sounds crappy, thank you Blizzard for nerfing our behinds to hell and back, but it can be played well... and if he intents to do so, I think he should.

Socialtext announces press conference inside WoW {WoW}

Nov 16th 2006 11:58AM Last time I checked, my ONLY affiliation with Alliance was the fact that they give me 106,430 lifetime HKs. And are solely responsible for me being able to pick up some gear in Orgrimmar. "Alliance lovers"?

As for the validity of things, yes Socialtext WILL have the press conference. We moved it to the Gurubashi Arena since some people were a bit concerned about the location being too close to newbie-lands and posing a disturbance of their questing which can lead to account bans. has the goods on it, sign up, sign in, and add yourself to the list.

I'll also bring one of my Horde toons over (won't bring my main, my guild would spam /spit if I moved my Bear Tank off the server) so I can have some fun with (or, better, at the expense of, my co-workers after the conference).

Such flattery! {WoW}

Dec 12th 2005 1:44PM From in?sid?er 1. An accepted member of a group. 2. One who has special knowledge or access to confidential information. I contest that notion. Your usage of the word "noob", which is - at least within the game-world of WoW - an insult geared towards those who maliciously or through an inability to see their lack of skill/knowledge or improve their abilities ruin the game for others is a good example. The "Hunter" post is, to say the least, misleading, and can make for a diminished game experience for some. New hunters who believe the "insider", roll on +Intellect leather, and get booted from parties, blacklisted, and denounced as Ninjas in Orgrimmar, and more experienced players who might have run the instance ten times to get that one leather drop for their Druid. I am by no means a hardcore gamer. I have a love- and family life, I have friends, I have a job, and I've spent more time working on non-geenk projects than geek ones. It is for that, that I'd like to enjoy my time in Azeroth. Misinformation labeled as "Insider" contributes to the overall dis-enjoyment. But I also like to understand game mechanics, and spend more time tinkering with ideas to explore Blizzard's game code than the actual game. This comes in handy when facing Ragnaros, Thunderaan, or other high-level content. I also spend more time in World PvP than I should (ask my guild), which helps me understand other classes and races. At that point, a statement such as "Paladin's can't be killed" makes me laugh hard and question the "insider" notion even more. Stay at Crossroads for a bit and wait for the always present Alliance. Find a Paladin. Dispell, Drain Mana, Two-Shot. They're killable. More so than any other class. The changes in 1.9 don't fix that. As for BG, WSG is one of 3 Battlegrounds. Alterac Valley can (and has) taken 28 hours straight to win, Arathi Basin in the 60s can be done in twenty minutes, but rarely is. WSG, I can win in 5. To draw an analogy and conclusion -- if this weblog were named "San Francisco Insider", and the posts were about ways to get from the Airport to the City, but mentioned the wrong mayor, didn't talk about the Haight, Mission, or ongoing city council battles, one would question your publication as well.