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The Queue: Here, have another cat {WoW}

Jan 9th 2012 5:51PM A cat? Now, what people wouldn't expect is the Spanish Inquisition.

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway: BlizzCon Exclusive Murkablo {WoW}

Dec 15th 2011 4:15PM Crossin' 'dem fingers

Know Your Lore: The dark mysteries of the Darkmoon Faire {WoW}

Dec 11th 2011 4:18PM At least there is no smoke monster.

Know Your Lore, Infinite Paths: The golden-eyed {WoW}

Nov 23rd 2011 8:40PM If the original Nozdormu, who saw us and himself die to C'Thun, was the time-version of himself to become Murozond, then doesn't that mean the current incarnation of Nozdormu has no cause to become corrupt?

Doesn't this open up the circle?

Gold Capped: Epic gems must be in patch 4.3 {WoW}

Aug 26th 2011 2:56PM Let's hope for something different like.. epic META gems instead. :D

The Queue: The weather outside {WoW}

Jun 22nd 2011 2:37PM Is there preload data available for patch 4.2?

The Queue: Claudia Shepard {WoW}

May 27th 2011 2:50PM Is there an addon out there that can keep track of raid cooldowns? I sort of remember ones that took note of battle reses, but I was hoping for something that would include raid-wide use cooldowns, such as Divine Guardian, Power Word: Barrier, and Rallying Cry?

The Queue: Happy boys and happy girls {WoW}

May 4th 2011 11:47AM Are we able to receive the other Children's Week pet from Northrend this year?

Win a pony from {WoW}

Apr 15th 2010 5:35PM Must... collect..