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Vanguard going free-to-play this summer, beefs up dev team {Massively}

Mar 21st 2012 7:10PM I'm interested, but Sony's prior F2P offerings in Everquest 2 leave me lukewarm to the idea. I really didn't like the way they had the cash shop set up there and if they do a similar thing here, especially in terms of locking out particular classes in expectation of a fee, I doubt my enthusiasm will last long.

Hyperspace Beacon: Gooey GUI {Massively}

Mar 20th 2012 3:51PM If I could have what I wanted in a Star Wars UI, I would have my health, my power/force/whatever and most importantly any proccing abilities appear roughly in the center of my screen. Procced abilities are more important - after three months of my Sniper and Bounty Hunters, I'm getting the feel of how much power or heat I have left in my bar at any time.

Procs though are a pain. I recently had to spec my Mercenary for DPS and the build seemed to focus on making best use of a particular proc whenever it was ready. Since I'm generally trying to stay aware of what is happening around me, I'm not staring at the skill bar or my avatar.

If I could get something similar to the thing they had in Rift, where proc abilities appeared in the middle of the screen to show they were ready I would really appreciate that.

The Daily Grind: Should new expansions include old expansions? {Massively}

Mar 19th 2012 2:43PM @DarkWalker

I agree. When you consider that with Cataclysm, the entire point was to bring in new players. Why bother sinking so much time into redoing old Azeroth 1-60 otherwise? Most of the vets already had max level characters so clearly the hope was to expand the customer base by encouraging new players to star or old ones to begin on new accounts.

It may be cruel to say so, but part of me dimly hopes the guy who thought it was a good idea to stick a $90 barrier to entry infront of new players was among the 500 made redundant.

Terrazas talks EverQuest F2P launch and anniversary celebration {Massively}

Mar 16th 2012 9:40PM @Tropic

Hear hear. It's almost embarrassing to watch people flock to a companies defence with claims that people are expecting something for nothing. Certainly in my case it's not about something for nothing - it's about getting a good deal and that is something SOE, and most F2P developers don't generally offer to my mind.

Overall I'm sad though. I had thought Everquest was old enough, and it's client base small enough that it would escape the temptation by the men in suits to be turned into another nickle and dime store. On the upside, I get to revisit my first MMO but I doubt I'll do much more than log in, roam a bit around Freeport to wallow in old memories, and then log out silently offering a thankful prayer to any listening gods for the progress made by MMORPGS this past decade.

Enter at Your Own Rift: Revisiting anonymity in our games {Massively}

Mar 15th 2012 10:26AM @Graill440

Why is my real name and address relevant to an internet discussion board? I generally post to swap viewpoints, not contact details. I haven't really got a great deal to fear of from posting, but I really fail to see how those details are any of your business. Not to mention the additional risk that pasting personal information about oneself carelessly around the Internet can bring. - There's more than enough scare stories about Identity Fraud to make me think twice about giving up any information I don't have to, especially as something as trivial as say, discussing my thoughts on anonymity in online gaming.

Not to mention the fact it really doesn't work. According to my WoW US account, my name is Jake O'Toole and I live at 123 Billabong Creek Canberra. Unless you take additional action to prove people are who they say they are, they system is useless, and really, how many board admins do you think will do that?

GDC 2012: Forty minutes with Derek Smart and Line of Defense {Massively}

Mar 11th 2012 3:27PM @(Unverified)

He is however, making one of the few combined arms, truly massive MMOFPS games we might see any time in the next year or so. Meanwhile CCP maintain their ridiculous love affair with the unproven PS3 and SOE jump into bed with low rent European publishers making Planetside 2's future questionable for me to say the least at the present time.

Suffice to say, such games are so rare that if Uwe Boll were to announce the development of an MMOFPS I would at least give the article reporting it the time of day.

gPotato closing Prius Online, compensating players through April 10th {Massively}

Mar 11th 2012 10:57AM @real65rcncom

No, but a furniture store is selling real furniture - a physical item the purchase will have beyond the closure of the store. A physical item that cost the company something to make or purchase prior to being available as stock.

Digital stuff by contrast has no such value. A copy simply gets made, at no cost at the point of purchase. So I wouldn't say it's a similar thing at all. More a naked last minute cash grab rather than the respectful shut down and attempt to allay the dissapointment of the games few players I would have hoped for.

Scott Hartsman: A fully dynamic RIFT 'lacked clarity' {Massively}

Mar 6th 2012 11:16PM @Bartlebe

My thoughts are pretty much the same. Doing the exact same quests as everyone else in the exact same order like a good little drone while having no real effect on the world is hardly the first building block in that feeling of immersion.

Blizzard buffs the bejeezus out of WoW's Scroll of Resurrection {Massively}

Mar 6th 2012 11:12PM It's a fantastic deal, and an offer like this would get me eagerly returning to nearly any MMO I had a stake or interest in. Unfortunately I got fed up with Blizzards arrogance when I became a non-subscriber four months after Cataclysm for the first time in nearly seven years.

The sad truth in my opinion is that Blizzard seems wedded to the idea of doing the least amount of work to keep the subscriptions going. Hence the six month update cycles. Then they went one up on the scale of laziness and, rather than updating the game, simply decided to offer a free copy of Diablo 3 to anyone silly enough to pay them for a years access to a game they now had no incentive to update.

It seems this policy is biting them in the backside. With no confirmed date for when the expansion is out and no content to look forward to in the meantime, my guess is people are cancelling their subscriptions in large numbers. After all, you don't cut your workforce by 600 and offer over $60 worth of incentives to ex-customers to resubscribe if things are going well

Blizzard buffs the bejeezus out of WoW's Scroll of Resurrection {Massively}

Mar 6th 2012 11:00PM @Deadalon

Still, this ultimately is the crux of all Blizzards woes - forgetting to treat their customers as customers rather than walking wallets to be milked for every last nickel. It wouldn't be asking much for Blizzard to give those who use their scrolls of ressurection some perks as well.

Giving current subscribers Free character transfers and level 80's for getting involved in this promotion would go some way towards ensuring their customers felt valued and rewarded for their custom - as opposed to ending up like ex-customers like me.