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WoW Moviewatch: Pandaria Postcard from Olibith {WoW}

Mar 28th 2012 7:15AM "somehow"... as in implying that I am aware it would not have been attainable through normal means.

raids aren't available yet either, yet mmo-champ and others have data mined up nice previews of the raid instances.

WoW Moviewatch: Pandaria Postcard from Olibith {WoW}

Mar 27th 2012 6:44PM Ugh. I've been keeping up with all beta information, saw the title and description of this video you guys just linked.. and thought he somehow got footage from "pandaria" as the title would claim.. But, alas.. just more footage from the already very prominent starting zone..

le sigh...

The Queue: Double dog dare {WoW}

Dec 30th 2011 3:12PM You are right :)

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway: SteelSeries World of Warcraft MMO Legendary Edition Mouse {WoW}

Dec 21st 2011 9:29PM my mouse appears to be dying atm. this would be awesome.

The Queue: Hold it! {WoW}

Sep 17th 2011 3:52PM I"m sorry. But the article Tyler did, while entertaining to read, was nowhere near as informative as the hunter article. As a boomkin, I read the hunter one as I found the concept of him breaking down how the "entire" hunter community felt about the class, instead of just voicing his own opinions at length.

I like Tyler's columns, I read them regularly, and thus there was nothing in tylers elongated version of his feedback he gave blizz (which is basically what the article was)

I would love to see an indepth look at the communities vision of the class as a whole like was done with the hunter class for each class.

/step down

Breakfast Topic: Are you ready for more raiding content? {WoW}

Apr 30th 2011 12:07PM My raid group is 1/13 HM now with only 6 hrs of raiding a week, so we are all very happy, but as a raid leader I want more HM's.. We are working on 2 new ones now and should have them down soon.

I'd like to see 6/13 at least before firelands which is realistic.. but 13/13 is not likely to happen, which is unfortunate.

Win a Razer Nostromo game keypad from WoW Insider {WoW}

Apr 26th 2011 12:39PM Yes please :)

Breakfast Topic: What real-life skills has WoW helped you develop? {WoW}

Apr 15th 2011 8:09AM I'm a raid leader, and for me it's all about leadership and confidence. I'm also a high school teacher, and Once I started leading raids, I found that my presence in the classroom and my confidence at work also improved. Guildies keep saying there are a lot of similarities between teaching and raid leading, which I guess they are right, but I found the RL helped my teaching probably more than the other way around.