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Breakfast Topic: Most frustrating moment {WoW}

Feb 27th 2009 8:54AM I was a Pu in a full guild group, helping them clean a Kz.
When we rand for the prince token the chance gave me my 2nd 100 rand of the night ...
If only i hadn't named my paladin Sheateur (pronounced in french "cheater" : i was meaning that the class was cheated), the leader could have give me the token but everyone though i was cheating (even if everyone knows it's impossible to cheat on random as they are server-side operation), so the token went to another player ... grrr

Ghostcrawler: "Balancing around recount stats is like using a thermometer to predict the weather. " {WoW}

Feb 4th 2009 8:32AM If only we had the code behind the weather changes.

It's not like if blizzard had coded its game .... no no, wow is a gift from god, developpers have only the property files in hand ...

... if we had a way to reproduce the exact condition of the earth and its surrounding, i'm sure we'd be able to predict the weather.

It is called : a simulation \o/ omg, is it new ? No it must be as old as the wheel's invention.

Blizzard has the code. Blizzard has some money (lol). Blizzard has done something great with this game. How come blizzard is not capable of doing simulation of dps ? How come ? It is so exhausting to code, package and ship the game that you have no energy left to test it ?

Omg i'm QQing. Sorry.