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Patch 4.3: Tier 13 armor sets {WoW}

Nov 2nd 2011 6:46PM I have DREAMED of riding Alexstrasza since early Wrath...

Addon Spotlight: Addon Roulette and win a Razer Nostromo {WoW}

Oct 28th 2011 10:23AM I'm not entering the competition as I'm from THE REST OF THE WORLD, but I'd like to make a mega-addon recommendation nonetheless.

SpeakinSpell is a cast announcer addon that allows you to set up a list of random things to say for specific spells or abilities. You can also send things to different channels at the same time - for example, sending "Starting revive on (target)" to party or raid automatically depending on your situation, whispering someone "Reviving you!" and saying "Your time is not yet up, (target)! Return to the world of the living!". Enter several messages at the addon chooses one at random! Keep your group amused and entertained. Do away with boring misdirection and res macros!

It also comes with a list of random insults, random factions and the ability to change these and add your own random variables. For misdirection: "(target) called you a [randominsult]!"

Chris Metzen talks about heroes {WoW}

Oct 25th 2011 2:19PM I LOVED outland visually and thematically, and I'm very sad to hear that the situation at Blizzard precludes them going 'overboard' in such an imaginative way again.

Phat Loot Phriday: Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle {WoW}

Aug 30th 2011 8:39AM This dropped for me a few weeks back on a Kara run! My hunter spent the rest of the run with it equipped (since Kara is now trivial I can afford to use a weapon from two expansions back), and I suspect pretty strongly that my current rifle is going to look like this fairly soon...

Breakfast Topic: When emotions catch you by surprise {WoW}

Aug 3rd 2011 8:52AM I absolutely loved the Netherwing line. Saving the Netherwing Dragonflight from the Dragonmaw is still one of the defining moments of my character, outranking (barely) taming a Loque-type spirit beast and... everything else I've done, including helping to kill the Lich King.

The quest line was also really well crafted - the most immersive reputation 'grind' in the game for me. Actually it might be the only reputation faction that tells a proper story as you progress through the reputation grades.

I'm not pleased that the Dragonmaw are now on MY PLANET and Alexstrasza hasn't seen fit to incinerate them all yet. I assume that once Deathwing is out of the way that'll be next on her list. I happen to know where she can get some help from a minor dragonflight in outland...

Shifting Perspectives: Bear and tree druid Q&A {WoW}

Mar 28th 2011 10:06AM I created my druid during Wrath, just after the new Feral forms were introduced. I've been a feral / bear spec since I got my first talent point and sucessfully tanked Deadmines and the other levelling dungeons. In fact most of them were trivial, I didn't have the slightest problem holding threat.

I'm so glad I did this in Wrath instead of Cata. With all the new Troll and Worgen druids that are bound to be springing up, it's astonishing that Blizzard have managed to utterly break low level bear tanking this much. Surely they have comprehensive data on which classes are tanking what content at various levels?

The Lawbringer: The dangers of addon auto-updaters {WoW}

Dec 10th 2010 5:16PM I'm disappointed in this article.

Yes, running a google search for "wow addon updater" or something is likely to land you on a badly-translated page inviting you to download a trojan. Going to and using their updater? Not so much.

Yes, the Curse Client's advert window is a security hole that could be exploited, but so are the advert frames on Curse's website (which you'd have to visit to manually download the addons), wowinterface and... Wow Insider of course. I'm not saying it's impossible to sneak some malicious code into the curse client executable itself, but I can't see immediately how such a thing would be accomplished without compromising whoever's responsible for writing the application.

When you install an addon with Curse, it just copies files from the Curse addon server (in the same way as manually downloading) and puts them into the appropriate interface/Addons folder for you. Where does this idea come from that the client will execute code during this process? The LUA files can only do what WoW tells them they can do. If the curse client finds executable files within the addon directory, why would it try to run them?

For the most part WoW insider is an excellent website. It's also MASSIVE, I can't even imagine how many page views you get per day. With such popularity comes a responsibility to ensure you don't advise people incorrectly. Hundreds - maybe thousands of people could uninstall their curse clients after seeing this article, convinced that it's a serious security breach when I'm not even sure that your concerns are valid! Perhaps I have merely misunderstood what you've written, but if that's the case I believe clarification is in order as I don't appear to be the only one. Is there any evidence that Curse Client's ad frame is a greater security risk than the ad frames on the Curse website? Is there anything to suggest that the client executes any code it finds when installing addons?

Ask a Faction Leader: Open call, volume one {WoW}

Jun 29th 2010 3:35PM Och, aye. Dwarves're always transcribin' their accents. If we didnae transcribe our accents, ye wouldnae know it were a Dwarf!

Ask a Faction Leader: Open call, volume one {WoW}

Jun 29th 2010 3:32PM Always a pleasure to hear from My Lady Alexstrasza the Lifebinder, Queen of all Dragons. I hoped someone would direct a question to her. She's probably my favourite faction leader, since the leaders of my actual faction prefer to declare war against everyone or sit about doing nothing for several decades at a time.

I like the new AAFL format, think it works well. Kinda like the queue but with major lore characters...

The Colosseum: Loinclothz, Hunter of Sargeras, Page 2 {WoW}

Apr 4th 2010 3:16PM His BM comments don't invalidate the good points he made, of course, but I'd be able to take him much more seriously if he followed Christian Belt's guide to Not Being a Jerk earlier in the week (replacing "Mage" with "Hunter", naturally).