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Why healing meters suck {WoW}

Feb 4th 2009 3:38PM I have to completely disagree. "damage meter" is just a tool to collect/organize data.

Without proper interpretation and context, most, if not all, information is useless (or tends to be badly used).

There's a pletora of data that you can pull out of "damage meter" addons (or WWS service), besides the infamous "damage done" tab (or healing done, in this case): mana gained, dispells, who healed who, who took damage, who damage what (for example: eggs, orbs, totens and whatnots that spawn during boss X), and the list goes on. Besides, there's your raid group formation and assignments (aka context) which gives great depth to the information collected.

If a guild only uses it to trash the "bad dpsers/healers", that's to bad (or to lick the asses of the top-31337 guys). There are others using it to fix whatever is broken in their groups and moving on the content.

To say that the only good thing about "healing meters" is to boost the healer's ego is just plain stupid, and shows that you (or whoever) can only look at the "healing done" tab of your damage meter (and care not for anything else).

You might be a Twilight Vanquisher since late November, and a Magic Seeker on your realm, but you really sound like someone on the opposite side of the spectrum.