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The Glider outcome and copyright law {WoW}

Feb 4th 2009 6:37PM What people need to realize is that this is more than lol botter vs blizz.
This is what does a ToU or EULA mean and what is RAM?

For example do to this precedent anyone who has ever been suspended has committed copyright infringement.


Say we have Bill. Bill was banned for 3 days. He was banned because he breached to ToU or EULA.

The new court precedent shows that you do not OWN anything. You are only given a license to play. By breaching the ToU or EULA you do not have the license any more.

But heres the kicker. Playing the game requires copying data into your RAM. Without a license they are declaring the copy to RAM illegal as it is copyright infringement because you have no license to copy it. Better yet, this is not something you INTENTIONALLY do. It is just a requirement of using a computer.

So a name called "lolwutomg" is against the EULA. -Sued
Temporarily banned -Sued
Anything against the ToU or ELAU -Sued

Blizz will of course not do this. however it sets a scary precedent. As anyone "could." Microsoft comes to mind but I am just paranoid like that.
Regestry Edits? SUED
Anything against their ToU? SUED

I could care less about botters and whatnot, people should be angry this happened. Sure the botter's were kicked, but we got some FAR worse collateral damage.