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Will the economic downturn hurt WoW? {WoW}

Feb 5th 2009 9:16AM lol..and u complain about 15 dolars...

for ppl like me, who lives in another countries, paying a subscription for wow is another thing..

1 dolar in my country = 3.50 pesos paying over 35 pesos per mounth for my suscription...
and u will say : "ok, but in the end, 35 pesos isnt the same as 15 dolars..."
and i will say, the same and more for us. cause here all is more expensive for us...

for usa mnaybe this is new..the crisis and that..but u should not panic...u have to learn from another countries who have had crisis i n their economies..
dont loose the control, stay calm, and off course.. plzz think that in the end..15 dolars is a change..really..idk how blizz still mantain that really low..
-and lets hope your new president change things for usa..cause i know you are in a difficult moment, and its not funny to see a lot ppl loosing their jobs..