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Addon Spotlight: Bati's Healer Grid layouts {WoW}

Aug 27th 2010 7:22AM Umm, that "to show names or not to show names" argument?
Two words: Battle Rez

"Druid 1 brez baddps1"
"Druid 2 brez baddps2"

Etc, multiple death need names for coordination or you will
a) be slower
b) waste rez on same failbot

The Daily Grind: Real ID -- Do we finally have our WoW killer? {Massively}

Jul 7th 2010 9:42AM "You would have to have a pretty unique name to find someone on facebook without knowing them."

Oh well in that case great! Nobody likes people with more unique names anyway. They don't need rights, they're like black people, red heads and women, screw em all right?

I am sick of these "yeah but it only affects a few" anwers. Only thing worse is "stop complaining because it doesn't affect me :D"


The Daily Grind: Real ID -- Do we finally have our WoW killer? {Massively}

Jul 7th 2010 9:25AM "1) I dunno if I buy the "new players don't know about..." stuff. A coworker of mine just got a free trial from me (I'm not playing with him, don't care about RAF bonuses...but hey, it might work out?). Next day he was at my desk chatting about looking up druids and he came across mmo-champion and EJ. XD Seriously, new players are internet savy. They will figure this out quickly! As for tech/bug support... I usually ask for it in game through the ?"

Well thats one person. I can just as easily counter with my one person, me, who learnt all about my first class of the official forums. Not to mention a lot of new players a quite young and not neccessarily internet savy just because you assume they are.

Also, another point, I feel sorry for female poster.
I hate that when they make a comment, people will facebook their name because it's a chick name, and you all know that WILL happen. I can imagine the comments now,

"lol Jane Doe is hot, her post is still dumb though, lucky she's got looks lol"

Yes you can make your FB private, but thats hardly the point. Not everyone does, and blizz shouldn't make it so you have to.

The Daily Grind: Real ID -- Do we finally have our WoW killer? {Massively}

Jul 7th 2010 9:00AM Some of the arguments I keep reading are annoying me:

1) "Just don't post on the forums and you wont have a problems"
Works great as a solution, unless you WANT to post on them. A lot of people post because
-that is the only place where discussion with devs/blues happens
-new players don't know about EJ etc etc, official forums are where most new players go to find help
-Tech support, bug feedback, realm forums live there
There are more but my point is "just dont post" is not a good enough response imho.

2) "It's just your name, they can't do anything with it, stop overreacting"
Here is a great example of what you can do with it
And the person involved there is a BLUE who revealed his name to show its not so bad.....

3) "Forums are a tiny % of the population"
SO? What number is the arbitrary line where you think it is worth respecting peoples opinions or privacy? Stupid argument. On top of this, a lot of people read those forums and not neccessarily post, they also loose the info from the bailing posters.

Cataclysm beta guild contest {WoW}


I'm on an Oceanic guild with mostly Aussies and I am SICK TO DEATH of reading this in competition rules (looking at you too There is no tangible physical items here to be won, maybe a Lawbringer article could cover why we are constantly stooged by this every time...../angry

Officers' Quarters: Best in slot {WoW}

Jul 13th 2009 8:04PM Scott, I was really taken aback when I realised a)your stance on this and b) the uncharacteristicly one eyed view of the issue leaving the piece very biased.

I just makes so much sense to me that if something is best in slot for someone it is best to go to them. You talked about:
"Higher armor drops would go to waste. " where you argued that if the Pally got the belt and a good plate belt dropped after that the mail one is wasted for the shammy. That is such a situational example. It would be just as easy to argue that if the shammy got the belt and then on another boss the shammys best in slot mail belt dropped then the one the PALLY didn't get is wasted loot.

When you really wan't to talk about wasting loot in a raid group how about when you think that this pally will try and roll on his BiS mail belt every week and loose to mail wearers every week untill they have all moved on to their BiS belt and THEN he gets it. Does that not seem like a waste of time to you? Why not give the BiS to where it is best first off? The shammy will have first dibs on his best in slot, how can one complain about that?

Its not like the higher armor classes will be taking all of the lower classes gear (omg no fair). It is very few slots that this occurs and after all people only have ONE best in slot per slot. My old guil have a "wishlist" loot system. Members made a wishlist of their most desired item for each slot and if an item dropped anyone who had it on their wishlist rolled (if nobody, then main spec ->offspec). It seemed obvious to our guild that this was fair, no arguments, people got their best sets fast without arguing.

"4. Finally, the loot system would put a massive burden on the officers to know which items are BIS for every slot, for every spec in the game."

All I can say to this is NO. Have you given it real thought? We had no problem because there were always a number of members from the same class who would concur or deny if it wsa BiS. This would only be a problem if you had only one single competant member of a specific class in your guild where nobody else knows about their class. An easier way to do it is let them know that if they claim the loot under "its Bis" then it will be recored and that slot is locked out for them in the future for BiS rolls. This is a very simple easy way of doing it. Reset the slots when new gear comes out.

Ready this actually made me angry, frustrated and confused. It even sounds ridicuous:
"Cloth wearers have dibs on cloth because they wear cloth and it does not matter who the item benefits more". O.o. Really? THINK ABOUT WHAT I WROTE

WoW Rookie: Choose the right class part 2 {WoW}

Feb 10th 2009 7:48AM I got a few in mind. First and foremost they are kiteable, awesomely kiteable. Before you start yelling "GET OVER HERE" I can tell you from arena so far that death grip is not enough to save you from being kited and pew pewd to death more often than not.

Upcoming 3.1 class changes: Warlock, Druid, Warrior {WoW}

Feb 5th 2009 11:21AM Wait. so messing with survival of the fittest.....will bears still be uncritable from talents? If not....damn, gear change time for a lot of people.