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The Glider outcome and copyright law {WoW}

Feb 5th 2009 11:50AM KnowYourFacts said...
You will only get sued for copyright infringement if the copyright holder can how you are profiting (in real world money) from the breach or preventing the copyright holder from gaining revenue as a result of the copyright breach.


Ummm.... WRONG!

""If I don't charge for it, it's not a violation."
False. Whether you charge can affect the damages awarded in court, but that's main difference under the law. It's still a violation if you give it away -- and there can still be serious damages if you hurt the commercial value of the property.

Just because you aren't profiting in real world money DOES NOT protect you from being sued for copyright infringement.

/Actually NOTHING protects you from being sued. You can be sued at anytime by anyone, albeit they don't necc. win.