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WoW Rookie: Choose your class! {WoW}

Feb 5th 2009 6:23AM Well i don't agree on most of the stuff here.

most classes don't even get there fleshouts untill lv10 so comparing classes before level 10 is not very valid point

I sugest to ppl that are going to try out the game first question is what do you like to do ? melee / ranged ? then start from that.

do you wish to be able to selfheal while playing to minimze downtime or do you wish to do more dammage but might slow down inbetween?

if you like to beable to selfheal then your down to
Paladin,Shaman,Druid,Priest,Warlock (drain life)

if not go for the others.
do you like to play with pets or do you like to do more manageble dammage pets then go for hunter/warlock else go for somthing else.

do you wish to be melee or caster?

Melee then rouge,Warrior,Paladin,Shaman(melee spec), Druid(Melee)

Ranged Priest, Mage, Warlock, Hunter, druid(caster), Shaman(Caster)

So What do i recomend for a starter class

1# pick a longterm goal do i wish to tank/heal/dps ?

2# spec for dps even if your a healer you don't need spec. in the healing tree to be able to heal instances you just need gear untill you hit lv70 this means lesser downtime since you be leveling faster.

3# your paying for the game so play it as you wish, do you wish to do every instance at lv20-40 then do so but most players just jump right past them aiming for lv80 directly.

on a key note saying Shamans is not great healers I Beg the difference they are the best group healers in the game and im compeeting over and over again in Raids on the top of the Healing meater chainheal realy is cruel when there is hefty raid dammage. on other hand solo healing as a shaman is alot harder then as a priest.