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Plagued and Black Proto-drake rewards to be removed {WoW}

Feb 26th 2009 5:14PM It's really a bad move on Blizzard's part if they keep adding a new reward every time there is a new tier of raiding replacing the old rewards. Unless Patch 3.2 comes out a few months after Patch 3.1 most guilds including some if not many casual guilds will be getting these new rusted and iron proto-drakes. (Which I think are better looking then the two current drake rewards out now)

Doesn't matter how many hard modes there are in Ulduar WoW has ALWAYS been an easy game to progress in it just takes time for some. There were many casual guilds starting on Sunwell before patch 3.0 so everyone is probably going to get the better "trophy" rewards unless they are in a bad guild. If you want to argue that statement I suggest you try some other MMOs out there where just reaching the level cap takes years no matter how many hours you put in the game.

I'm a bit torn by this I feel sorry for those who won't get the mounts but also feel annoyed the better rewards will be more available to everyone which sort of defeats the purpose of removing the mounts in the first place. The ZA bear made perfect sense... perhaps I'm viewing this from the perspective that the plagued and black proto-drake are the ugliest skins for proto-drakes while I'm actually impressed with the Iron and Rusted drakes.

Pronouncing character names correctly {WoW}

Feb 5th 2009 9:21PM My name often gets pronounced wrong, I got my name from the phrase "mou ikkai" which is "one more time" in Japanese and changed it around to Iikai which is pronounced the same. Iikai and Ikkai is "Eek eye" but people pronounce it "Lil k eye", So many people pronounce it "E ih k eye" that it's starting to grow on me lol

There was also "Eye key uh" like the furniture store LOL! Doesn't bother me though I almost always laugh because they always say it with uncertainty so I know their not trying to make fun of my name. =)