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Shifting Perspectives: The feral gear list to rule them all {WoW}

Dec 12th 2011 10:37AM I’m not bagging on the list or Chase here, I think both are great. The list gives you a handy place to look up upgrades, and where they can be found. For that, thanks.

I do however think it’s kind of sad to see the way the stat changes of caty have made gear upgrades a pretty much no brainer. Look at this list as an example. It’s basically in order of iLevel because as Chase states, Agi > All. Sure it makes it a no brainer choice when to upgrade gear. But I had tons of fun balancing stats in the past. Was it harder than it is now? Yeah. Did that make it more satisfying? I think so. Sure you can go all "mew or rawr" on everybody and analyze gear still, but it's been made pretty much just easier to take the higher iLevel piece, and then go reforge something if you need to gain/lose hit.

Officers' Quarters: More on raid saves {WoW}

Aug 16th 2011 1:16PM We had a exactly the rule you suggest about raid saves back in Wrath. You had to save raids for the guild, until the scheduled night. IF, you didn’t go, or we didn’t clear or what ever, after the scheduled raids you were free to pug what ever you liked. The punishment for raiding early, was being sat from raids for two weeks. It was written on the forums, in a post that every single raider had to respond to in order to even get into our raids. Everybody knew about it.

But what happens when they are going to be out of town? “Why can’t I run early on Tuesday when the best pugs form” they would say. I would counter that people had said that so many times, and then miraculously been there for our raid anyway, and yet we couldn’t take them because they were saved. It happened over and over until we made the rule.

That rule caused so much contention, so many problems, and so many people left because of it, we eventually abolished it in Ice Crown, and never brought it back for Cataclysm. I see people in Fire Lands, and I’ll ask what’s up, but it’s no biggie. And the masses are happier for it, and we don’t experience nearly as much problems as we did before. If you don’t want to raid with us, fine. I’ll find somebody that does. Have fun sitting on the bench in a “Better Guild”.

TLDR Version: We used to have the rule you suggest, and it was an unmitigated disaster. And that was back when Raid IDs could be stolen and they meant something. Now, if somebody uses your guildie to get in, the rest of the raid is unaffected. And most likely an officer or GM will get word about your shady guild member.

Shifting Perspectives: Restoration Druid 101, part 2 {WoW}

May 3rd 2011 6:05PM Over all, a good guide, but I do have some thoughts.

I think that even when you are raid healing, you should keep a stack of lifebloom on the tank, ad it will provide replenishment for you and 9 other people every time you refresh it.

Also, mana is a very real problem for resto druids just starting raiding, so there may be more optimal specs that help conserve it that include an additional point in Moonglow, points out of genesis into Furor, and a point OUT of Swift Rejuvenation. Being able to cast Refuv that often will run a newer resto druid out of mana very fast.

Thoughts on the correct usage of Innervate for new people would be nice, as well as the best way to handle Omen of Clarity procs. Those two things, along with an "alternate mana conservation spec" may be a good idea for a new 85 learning the ropes of resto druid.

WoW Rookie: How to get up to speed for heroics {WoW}

Feb 11th 2011 6:24PM While this will bump up your ilvl and possibly make you able to que for heroics, there is a caveat to it. If you are running heroics with your guild, and they know what is going on as Mr. Rossi says, great. Your guild has knowingly accepted that, and can help carry you if need be. Play the system and get geared up.

If you are using the Dungeon Finder for your heroics…well you are kind of taking advantage of the system. If it’s one or two items, meh, probably not a problem. But if it is hurting your performance, you very well may not be able to down the heroic.

It’s not just tanks and healers either (which could be just disastrous, as in wipe on the first trash pull) but unless you have a raid geared DPS carrying the load, three sub par dps will make the heroics nearly impossible as well. This kind of thinking contributes to people not wanting to use the D-finder, and thus a 45 minute que for my alt that is actually geared enough to run one correctly.

If you wouldn’t want to be taken advantage of in a random pug, then you should probably consider that before you game the system.

The Queue: Loot {WoW}

Dec 10th 2010 4:45PM After my guild gets to level 25 I have no problem at all in making a new guild member wait three months in order to unlock the top level rewards that my guild unlocked before that new guy joined. ZERO problem at all.

I think this will make people consider guilds more seriously before they join, and make them think very hard before they leave. Guild hoppers are a PitA, and anything that discourages that, I am all for.