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Shifting Perspectives: The Druid of 2008, part II {WoW}

Feb 8th 2009 2:10AM i use a 0/52/19 feral spec
this gives me great threat and great dps in raids and 5 mans. I use a mangle rake mangle till 5 point sr then tigers fury rake mangle till 5 points rip rake mangle till 5 fb, if the rip is still up. Now if u spec into a spread dps spec rip is really not needed cause u are more likey going to put 5 points in rend and tear this gives ur fb a 50% crit chance on a bleeding target (and i know with 25 man gear i have over 50% crit anyways) so just rake then fb should crit for around 10k but always use sr first.
Tanking wise i have no trouble with tanking 5 mans and events are something i did really have trouble with. People are always happy to have a tank push dps (when it is higher that 2 of the 3 dps they better) and with 40+ dodge % unbuffed i have no trouble with even ungeared healers. i hope others read this and hopfully use it to push better dps while still being able to tank well. And please dont think that the tanking gear and dps gear are the same cause u are going to have to use 2 different sets and there is really no way around it if u want both sides of the feral tree.