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How to add a "copy path" option to the Windows context menu {Download Squad}

Sep 30th 2009 9:08AM It's part of a larger program, but Altap Salamander ( has an even better feature, letting you copy not only the path, but you can choose to copy the UNC path. So if my file is on a network path I've mapped as drive L:, but my co-workers haven't learned how to map network drives, I can choose to either copy the path as L:\path\to\file.txt or as \\fileserver\path\to\file.txt. It's a big help at the office, since I can always copy a path that anyone can use.

The program's nice otherwise too, a good Norton Commander 2 pane file manager.

Poll: Will you ever use On Demand Online? {Engadget HD}

Jul 19th 2009 6:25PM Although to be fair I've seen it reported both a login and with IP based restrictions like Their latest press release says login:

"Comcast will begin its technical trial of On Demand Online with approximately 5,000 customers from across the U.S. in the coming weeks – the first national trial of its kind. A major focus of the trial is to test Comcast’s new “authentication” technology, which will allow Comcast customers to receive the same content online for free that they subscribe to on TV. The service will utilize a simple log-on system for streaming content and, in the future, will allow for download content to go. The On Demand Online service will roll-out in phases, adding new features, functionality and content over time to provide consumers with a new way to watch television. " (from

I have seen numerous other articles that speak to the network detection angle though. I honestly hope that isn't the case, as I subscribe to Comcast and would love to be able to access it anywhere.

Poll: Will you ever use On Demand Online? {Engadget HD}

Jul 19th 2009 6:19PM See

"Unfortunately, Comcast's On-Demand Online service will come with some restrictions.

First, not only will you have to be a paying Comcast TV and Internet customer, but you'll only be able to access the service through your home Comcast Internet connection.

So you won't be able to whip out your laptop in an airport, plug in a wireless 3G adapter and start channel surfing."

Not anywhere.

Just at home.

Poll: Will you ever use On Demand Online? {Engadget HD}

Jul 19th 2009 1:33PM Here's the HUGE problem with their plan. Like, it only works if it detects you coming from their internal network. So if I'm home, I could use it, but at home I have DVR's, dvd's, netflix, etc.

Where I'd want to use it is AWAY from my home, where I don't have terabytes of things to watch. Since they rely on IP and other lookups, I can't use the service when I'm not connected to Comcast, thus making it totally useless to me. I'll catch up on shows at work with Hulu, with this service I never could.

15+ handy bookmarklets to power up any browser {Download Squad}

Jul 9th 2009 9:46AM also has a nice bookmarklet.