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Breakfast Topic: 3.1nticipation {WoW}

Feb 20th 2009 12:24AM I'd like to see Arcane mages get a ranged AOE or make Arcane Blast actually have a blast radius.
(Frost=Blizzard Fire=Flame strike Arcane=????????
I know all the trees can use these spells but frost and fire can buff there respective ranged AOE emphasis on ranged. I'm not including Arcane Explosion as well as Blast wave and Frost nova as you have to be close for these to have effect.
Here's a great idea Arcane Barrage when it hits becomes an Arcane Explosion no that would rock!!!

Arcane Brilliance: Grading the glyphs {WoW}

Feb 16th 2009 2:51AM I personally use Molten Armor Arcane Power and Evocation minors are Intellect and Slow fall no third yet.
I have an arcane mage with a bit of fire 54/17/0 with the new changes to arcane power and presence of mind the arcane power glyph is a must have.
I macro use arcane power, trinket and arcane blast 3-4 times then arcane barrage 15 secs (depends on lag) should have passed by now (15 second cooldown grumble)last 3 secs (granted by glyph of arcane power) macro presence of mind, trinket and pyroblast. a tidy little dps burst usable every 84 seconds if talented which I am
(evil smile spreading across face)
arcane flows reduces cooldown of presence of mind and arcane power by 15/30% and both abilities have had there cooldown reduced to 2 minutes also evocation has had its cooldown reduced to 4 mins with arcane flows reducing that to 2 mins so a 60% heal and mana every 120 seconds helps with the almost *cough cough* constant arcane power floating around
and of course molten armor 2% more crit *yummy* I primarily solo and dabble in pvp so imp scorch doesn't really help me there but the advice is sound I may try glyph of arcane blast but I don't know which one to swap out probably molten armor!

Arcane Brilliance: Dual-speccing your Mage {WoW}

Feb 16th 2009 1:16AM the changes are some what annoying as my build a 3 minute mage 52/19/0 has to change now but oh well ill be a 1.7 minute mage now lol so ill have to use arcane power and pom separately big deal, hit arcane power Fire Ball AB Fire Blast AB then pom pyro rinse repeat using trinkets and other buffs to up damage in between 1.7 cooldown after talents points that is. and glyph of evo now with a smaller cooldown and even smaller with arcane talents every 2 mins 60% health regen yes please. onto dual specs well ill go frost i guess never been there so ill try it out probably with a 19/0/51 torment the weak screams for a frost build (i think anyway).

Death Knight class change analysis for patch 3.1 {WoW}

Feb 16th 2009 12:30AM I have always specced frost and my DK is presently at 71 finishing with a 19/52/0 build at present (before 3.1) ill judge the changes when they are official. I tend to use blood presence, and my dps is quite nasty ill hit OB for 5-6k easy with repeats as my diseases arent engulfed by the OB, and frost strike is a most deadly RP dump. and aoe come on hungering cold death chill howling blast, now thats burst aoe. freeze everyone infect them with frost fever now hit them all with a critical howling blast that already hits for double damage and double that again because its a DK crit. all up i have found levelling and pvp quite enjoyable as frost and i have never lost to an unholy DK duel or pvp.

Breakfast Topic: Who will dual specs benefit most? {WoW}

Feb 9th 2009 1:33AM Dual Specs sound like a truelly great idea to me especially as i have 4 characters in the early 70's that can fill different roles.
Warrior who is presently Fury,
DeathKnight who's Frost,
Mage (My Main) who's Arcane/Fire,
And a Hunter using Beast Master.
Now i know most people will say 3 of them are Dps and therefore static I disagree.

The DK is a fairly solid tank if specced right but can also add single and aoe damage too with survivability.

The Hunter while BM is powerful a pet is not always a great idea and therefore a MM build with Trueshot aura for the party buff or a trapping build via survival is also a viable spec.

The Mage is a toughie but if you wanna take Arthas a frost mage is hardly the way to go arcane specs have a party member buff that increases crit% and if soloing those pesky resist critters would get a nasty surprise when the frost mage hits em with a pyroblast.

Now the warrior a fun sideline for me ( I got bored one day) but one I'm willing to explore more with the dual spec system as I'm a fury and am not a very capable or willing tank (no gear or experience).

So in closing stable classes (Dps) get a nice change of scenery and Hybrids (Tank/Heal) get a bit more stability and gold in there ever changing lives.