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Ready Check: Run speed is nearly a requirement {WoW}

Mar 11th 2011 5:21PM I play feral druid, unholy dk and resto shaman so scoff at such paltry enchants!

Raid Rx: Raid healing horror stories that taught us a thing or two {WoW}

Mar 11th 2011 5:18PM Off-healing is something that elemental shamans and balance druids should be ready to do at any moment and no others. Ret pallies, feral druids and such should never be expected to heal, they don't have the mana for it, they don't have the spellpower for it and you'd be better off if they continue to dps in hopes of killing whatever it is before it's too late.

Of course if someone is screaming for you to off-heal, one thing you could do if you're not able to effectively off-heal is get far from the mob killing your tank then taunt it and run like hell. Gives the tank time to get cds back up and heals time to regen or others time to battle res, whatever the case might be.

Flexibility is win yet so many want to tunnel vision into things with a standard method and not adapt to the unexpected.

Scattered Shots: What other classes should know about hunters {WoW}

Feb 7th 2011 9:48AM I remember when a hunter could wait for the pull and stand way off to the side and distract the mob towards their manually placed trap...

BlizzCon 2011 Announced: October 21 and 22 {WoW}

Feb 7th 2011 9:45AM I don't mind Jay Mohr, but they really need to get a gamer to host it! Surely we can find some wow-playing celeb somewhere?

The Queue: Alex won't shut up about his RIFT characters edition {WoW}

Feb 6th 2011 9:20PM I play a resto shaman and almost always get enhance gear, I think this kind of thing happens way too often for too many people. Call me paranoid but I think it's deliberately screwing us!

Shifting Perspectives: Feral cat druid DPS 101 {WoW}

Jan 30th 2011 7:00PM As a long time feral main (since vanilla) I have to say that Primal Madness is almost a must have IMO with 2 points in it that's an extra 20 energy quite often.

Breakfast Topic: Which achievement are you most proud of? {WoW}

Jan 24th 2011 1:07PM For me, scoring a pre-nerf Hand of A'dal title with guildies was the best.

The middle of the pack is a fine place to be {WoW}

Jan 15th 2011 6:33AM I really liked this article! So many people are practically made to feel bad just because they're not standing head and shoulders above others. As long as everyone is giving a positive contribution and wins are had without too much trouble it's all good, but when everyone is playing the class / spec they prefer and having fun, that's the best.

Blizzard is doing a fantastic job of making the game more fun for everyone.

Letter from the Editor: Of contests, comments and columnists {WoW}

Jan 14th 2011 7:39PM Never mind all that just imagine if it HAD been organized in game and someone who could herd that many cats with precision over a large scale area.

You WANT that guy to lead your raids you know you do.

Letter from the Editor: Of contests, comments and columnists {WoW}

Jan 13th 2011 8:13PM I just hope that pic was made with photoshop! Otherwise it would have been a bit crazy to have organized in game with over 100 players hahahaha

I know you can't group that many but a coordinated guild effort with everyone using guildmap or cartographer could have done the job. It's unthinkable to herd THAT many cats with such relative precision.

If it was done in game I want the guy who coordinated everyone to be my raid leader. LOL

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