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Are Death Knights autowin in PvP? {WoW}

Feb 11th 2009 4:15AM Heh turns out the only classes being compare here are Dk's and Ret Pallys, which says something on the OP side. In all........ death knights need a lil bit of nerfage ya =P not only do they have many health regen moves they also have a green bubble thingy's name which escapes me, that makes them incredibly impervious to damage. maybe a 7k crit reduced to 1k which again gives them time to regain health quickly, as a lock they are not as much of a threat as arcane mages and they should nerf arcane mages the most in the next patch...have you guys seen pvp videos of arcane mages. seriously its like a spoof at how easy it is to kill everything in 6 second just running to the next spamming one button. and what pisses me off more about mages is that they get massive absorb effects and things to screw with every class. as i am a lock myself i fair well as demo in arena...while in metamorphasis...then i get owned within seconds because i have no other way of surviving. I have yet to win against a skilled DK so i guess they need a nerf or locks a buff in order to have a chance. and arcane mages...well blizz look at their pvp vids... its almost impossible to stand up to that NERF. once i get hit by that anoyying arcane barrage sound i turn to the mage right away and start running to them, dead before ive even advanced closer, they have everything for every class i like to say and they dont even need it with the damage their getting with a single 3 second CD instant which three shots almost everyone >.