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Dual specs and the importance (or not) of saving gold {WoW}

Feb 10th 2009 10:08AM I'm an epiced t7.5 enhance shaman. I have an epic Healing set... guess who is the healing bitch? ... me. guess who spends at least 500gold a week on respecs... 500 gold actually isnt even close, i spend like 1k gold a week on respecs, so some of you people need to not say "BFD" or "its easy to make gold", yeah its easy to make gold, but respecin is what all of my gold goes tword, that and getting all the best enchants. I currently have 50 gold no my to cover repairs, and when my auctions sell ill be set for like 3 more days of raiding respecs. OH AND... I dont just have "an enhance" spec, i have a farming spec, a raiding spec, and a pvp spec... so depending on what i wanna do thats alot of gold.